"Robo-George" is one of Wedgie Woman's Robots, so is "The Harold 2000."

Captain Underpants & The Wrath Of The Wicked Wedgie Woman

Wedgie Woman took apart a TeleVision, a Computer, a "Thigh-Master," a Dish-Washer, a "Toaster-Oven," & a "Ronco Food De-Hydrator," to construct her Two, Small Robots, "Robo-George" & "The Harold 2000."  When Robo-George & The Harold 2000 heard the words:  "Tra-La-Laaaaa!"  They imedietly stopped playing Kick-Ball.  Suddenly, their' '"Robo-Arms" began to extend, as their "Robo-Legs" stretched toward the sky.  Strange, Secret-Compartments in their Ever-Growing torsos opened up, Revealing Giant Rocket-Boosters, & the latest in Advanced, Aviation-Tecknology.  Suddenly, flames shot out of their "Retro-Thrusters," as their bodies rose into the air.  In no time at all, Two Gigantic-Robots were flying in hot pursuit of "The Amazing Captain Underpants."

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