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The first season of The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants consists of 13 episodes, premiered on July 13, 2018 on Netflix.


On December 12, 2017, Netflix and DreamWorks Animation Television announced that there would be an animated series to follow-up the film, entitled The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants. It premiered on the streaming service on July 13, 2018, and was executive-produced by Peter Hastings


  1. The Frenzied Farts of Flabby Flabulous
  2. The Dreadful Debacle of DJ Drowsy Drawers
  3. The Horrible Hostilities of the Homework Hydra
  4. The Vexing Villainy of the Vile Vimpire
  5. The Terrifying Perilous Misfortune of the T.P. Mummy
  6. The Squishy Predicament of Stanley Peet's Stinky Pits
  7. The Costly Conundrum of the Calamitous Claylossus
  8. The Jarring Jerkiness of Judge J.O.R.T.S.
  9. The Strange Strife of the Smelly Socktopus
  10. The Flustering Mindless Woe of the Flushable Memory Wipes
  11. The Soggy Salvation of the Swirling Sweatnami
  12. The Sickening Fumes of Smartsy Fartsy
  13. The Troublesome Treachery of the Thieving Toot Fairy


  • This is the hardest season to find a trailer of, as the trailer of this season isn't on any of Netflix's channels. The channel that shared the video (that is down below) had been deleted, and IMDB only has a slideshow of screenshots as the trailer. But it isn't lost, as the trailer is accessible by going to the Netflix page.