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Say hello to my stinky friends!
  —Sir Stinks-A-Lot [src]  

Sir Stinks-A-Lot is the supervillain alter-ego of Kenny B. Meaner and the main antagonist of the Captain Underpants series' twelfth book, Captain Underpants and the Sensational Saga of Sir Stinks-A-Lot and the final antagonist of the Captain Underpants Series. He is voiced by Len Forgione in the Sound-O-Rama Audiobooks.


Captain Underpants and the Sensational Saga of Sir Stinks-A-Lot[]

On a planet called Smart Earth, A smart earth scientist was doing an experiment by mixing Smart Diet Coke with Smart Pop Rocks and the last ingredient, Smart Earth Mentos which caused the destruction of Planet Smart Earth (Zygo-Gogozizzle 24), killing everyone who lived on it. Tiny pieces of the smart earth blob shoots down to some planets. One piece fell to the pond of planet Badpun turning the fish inside to become smarter that they started swimming in schools, while another piece landed into planet Pinot into the grape vines causing the grapes to become alive, self-aware and intelligent, banding together to defeat their oppressors. Sadly, the grapes ran out of juice after the battle and dried out becoming raisins.

The last piece lands on planet earth into Piqua, Ohio at the Piqua Valley Home for the Reality Challenged. The doctor along with the teachers and principal from Jerome Horwits Elementary School stumble across it. The doctor tells them to stay back away from it, however, the coach Mr. Meaner refuses to listen due to his stupidity and eats it to Mr. Krupp's and the doctor's shock.

The piece of the Zygo-Gogozizzle 24 bonds with Mr Meaner's body's insides making him more intelligent and being able to speak larger than 3 syllable words. He became so smart that he use his words of advice to confuse them. It had the two doctors in an confused argument that they couldn't stop him from leaving the asylum as well as his fellow teachers and staff.

Since Mr. Meaner was still a gym teacher at heart evil and ruthless, he didn't care about bringing world peace to humanity or ending world hunger. Mr. Meaner then reflects on how their problems were caused by the students at the school. So he commanded to them that they all return to the school immediately and go about their business as usual, and nothing is to look suspicious.

A few days later, school classes resumed on a normal day basis. Nothing unusual happened, not even Mr. Krupp himself got into the trance of becoming his superhero alter-ego Captain Underpants. But later on that night Mr. Meaner aka Sir Stinks-A-Lot was in a makeshift laboratory getting his evil plans in order by using stinky sweaty socks along with chemicals and formula and some ingredients. He was ready to to get his revenge on George and Harold.

The next day after Sir Stinks-A-Lot caught the yesterday's version of George and Harold in the act of changing the letters on the sign he had a meeting with them later on that day after dismissing the other students. His office smelled horrible, and to make it worse, he then sprayed them with a foul stench coming from his new invention.

After leaving his office due to 30 minutes pass, the yesterday version of the boys showed up late to class but were not as they seemed as if Sir Stinks-A-Lot put them in a trance that causes them to never misbehave have fun or day dream using their imaginations. They were later confronted by Ms. Anita Calculator but they didn't show any signs of whining or being worried by being enthusiastic of what she was going to do to them no matter how bad it could've been. She then found the boys on their best behavior not being disruptive at all which had Melvin and other students confused of them. Melvin didn't know what was going on at this time but he was impressed. The yesterday boys didn't even change the letter of the signs. At the end of the day, as the kids walked off to home, Sir Stinks-A-Lot tells Mr. Krupp that this was only the beginning as he patted him on the head.

Later on that night and while the present version of George and Harold were confused to whats happened to their past counterparts. Sir Stinks-A-Lot made some more adjustments to his invention and named it the Stinky-Kong 2000 (parody of King Kong). Sir Stinks-A-Lot turned his invention into an ape-like suit and caused his reign of terror upon the students of the school with his newly dubbed Rid-O-Kid 2000, causing them to behave well and never have any kind of fun or play but only work and work only and did as they were told by the teachers and principal. The present boys George and Harold were sick and tired of the homework they have done every time given by their hypnotized yesterday counterparts. They later discover that Sir Stinks-A-Lot was on TV advertising his Rid-O-Kid 2000 to use on misbehaving children.

There was an unbeknownst to Sir Stinks-A-Lot's Rid-O-Kid 2000, as the affected kids take any of the grown-up's orders without questioning and could be easily tricked by adult disguises that present George and Harold used to get revenge on the teachers. After Present George and Harold secretly play pranks on the staff, Mr. Krupp comes to Sir Stinks-A-Lot, informing him on what the children have done and that "the stupid stinky spray doesn't work." A dumbfounded Sir Stinks-A-Lot then gets to the bottom of what happened. He then flees the school getting into his cottage cheese-filled car driving angrily to find out who could have done this to the teachers. He came across a group of kids in the trance who were watering the inside of the house, mowing the garden and painting the lawn. He asked them in shock who told them to do all those things and all the children could say was a grown-up. Sir Stinks-A-Lot rushes back to the car angry and drive off back to the factory strapping on his Stinky-Kong 2000 Mecha-Suit with the newer modifications of feet added. He feels that a child has caused this and that they are hiding somewhere.

Later he arrives in his mecha-suit causing havoc in the town of Piqua unleashing the foul odor everywhere. Present Harold and George who are still sick witnessed what was Sir Stinks-A-Lot was doing but couldn't smell due to their illness, so the stench have no effect on them whatsoever. However, Harold and George were almost getting better, so they went to their parents who were having dinner with their yesterday counterparts. The present counterparts left in a deep depression due to seeing how their family preferred their hypnotized selves. Later, present George had an idea and with Harold rushed to Melvin's house where the garage was open and they took off with one of the glow-in-the-dark time-traveling Robo-Squid suits left in the last story.

Later after present Harold and George were in the future meeting their future counterparts, they return with their future counterparts in the present timeline meeting Crackers and Sulu's children, Tony, Orlando, and Dawn. Adult George and Harold tells their child selves to stay in the clubhouse and rest up for they have already been through a lot.

Adult George and Harold rush to Mr. Krupp's house needing help, snapping their fingers. However, Mr. Krupp wasn't coming to his trance into becoming Captain Underpants due to his face being wet from scrubbing off the permanent marker off of his face as the increasingly desperate adults kept snapped their fingers several times. Mr. Krupp wanted them to go away because of them freaking him out, and saying they were acting like kids. Sir Stinks-A-Lot overheard what Mr. Krupp said and grabbed the two adults, beating them using his mecha-suit. Mr. Krupp demanded him not to kill them cause he didn't want any blood on his lawn. Adult George and Harold were able to notice that Mr. Krupp's Face was dried up and they saw their opportunity, snapping their fingers at Mr. Krupp and he finally came into his trance becoming the amazing Captain Underpants to save his friends. Captain Underpants charged and battled Sir Stinks-A-Lot in his ape suit and Sir Stinks-A-Lot was defeated with the mecha-suit destroyed and taken to jail.

Warden Schmorden stopped by at his cell to taunt him that his days of giving orders to people are over, with Sir Stinks-A-Lot ironically telling him to make him an egg-salad sandwich with dill-pickle relish. After eating the sandwich, Sir Stinks-A-Lot turns into a massive blob of energy (because the mayonnaise and pickle-relish in the sandwich begun to combine with the Zygo-Gogozizzle 24). He then causes havoc downtown wanting revenge on Captain Underpants. Captain Underpants returns to fight him back, but when Old George and Old Harold are captured and combines with Sir Stinks-A-Lot, sharing their memories, he soon begun to know about not only their lives, but also Captain Underpants' weakness. Sir Stinks-A-Lot turns him back into Mr. Krupp, splashing him with a nearby river's water, having him fall down unharmed because of his superpowers. Sir Stinks-A-Lot confused about Krupp being safe, scanning his body with his Zygo-Gogozizzlistic energy and extracting the Super Power Juice from him, as well as the effects from the 3D Hypno Ring ceasing the existence of Captain Underpants from Mr. Krupp. Mr. Krupp then runs off home screaming in terror as Sir Stinks-A-Lot triumphantly laughs due to defeating Captain Underpants and gaining superpowers as well. Little did know that Old George and Harold were merged together with him, which meant they had the same superpowers as him and telepathically calls for younger George and Harold who were currently sleeping, but Tony, Orlando, and Dawn, who are completely awake caught onto the call and came to the rescue. As he approaches his Rid-O-Kid 2000 factory and gloats that he's defeated Captain Underpants and is the most powerful and intelligent entity the world has ever seen, later planning to use his stink spray to control every children on Earth as their leader, the hamsterdactyls find Mentos, Diet Coke, and Pop Rocks, flying into Sir Stink-A-Lot's mouth as he laughs, making him explode, destroying the factory, and launching the Power Juice and Zygo-Gogozizzle 24 into space. Afterwards the Rid-O-Kid 2000 was disintegrated.

Old George and Harold, along with the hamsterdactyls rise out of the stinky goop completely unharmed, with the celebration of the crowd of people who gathered. Mr. Meaner was also revealed to alive and well, reverting back to his old self, much to the disappointment to the crowd.

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie[]

Sir Stinks-A-Lot makes a brief cameo in the end credits.


  • Mr. Meaner's fate is ultimately unknown after the story, it is highly likely he came back to his work as a gym teacher or was arrested again for his crimes.
  • Sir Stinks-A-Lot is one of the few Captain Underpants villains who were able to defeat him, others include the Turbo Toilet 2000 and the Bionic Booger Boy (Minus Carl, Trixie, and Frankenbooger).
    • Compared to the other villains, he was truly able to defeat Captain Underpants in the end.
  • The crowd getting upset that he was fine at around the end is a reference in Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets where the comic with the same name made by George and Harold had the kids in the school be disappointed that the gym teacher survived in the end.
  • In The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants series, he is both a villain and ironically a hero as well, but does not use the Sir Stinks-A-Lot identity, as he is Flabby Fabulous as an antagonist and Sergeant Boxers as a replacement superhero for Captain Underpants.
  • Sir Stinks-A-Lot bears some similarities or possibly a parody of the Batman villain, the Scarecrow. Both are teachers who use gas-based chemistry to affect the minds of people and often likes to experiment on human life with little to no care for the people they hurt. Coincidentally, Mr. Meaner has escaped the asylum as well before setting off his plans, something Batman villains often do.
    • The first appearance of his Rid-O-Kid 2000 bears some similarity towards the Scarecrow's reveal in the film Batman Begins where they introduce their gas compound to their unfortunate victims who are trapped in their room.