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Sneakier Krupp is part of the Krupp Brain Council. Sneakier Krupp’s behavior is to always go too far. He is also good at hacking the Krupp Brain Council Screen, erasing identities, and locking people in rooms. Sneakier Krupp is also a somewhat better version of Sneaky Krupp.

He appears in "The Bad Beat of the Blah Borelock."


(Pre-Council Commencing): George and Harold want to be dumped in the woods for 24 hours like one of their favorite shows, Stark Rangers.
5:30 - (Council commences, Attendees are: Happy Krupp, Angry Krupp, Sneaky Krupp, Hungry Krupp, Weepy Krupp, and Sneakier Krupp)
5:31 - Angry Krupp: Guys, if George and Harold want something, the answer is always no! It's policy, my hands are tied!
5:37 - Sneaky Krupp: ‘course the answer is no. Then again, it's a whole day without George and Harold. And if Meaner chaperones, goodbye boring stories.
5:46 - Angry Krupp: And if we're lucky, they’ll run into Bigfoot! I'm buying what you're selling, Sneaky Krupp!
5,51 - (Sneakier Krupp appears from under the table.)
5:51 - Sneakier Krupp: And then we erase their identities.
5:53 - (Sneakier Krupp appears on the ceiling.)
5:53 - And put them in a container ship.
5:55 - (Sneakier Krupp hacks the Krupp Brain Council Screen and puts his face on it.)
5:55 - Headed for Buenos Airlines!
5:56 - Angry Krupp: You always go too far, Sneakier Krupp! But keep you swinging.
6:00 - (Back to reality.) Krupp's brain council's overall decision is "Fine!", which Krupp then says.