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The Super Silly CD o' Fun, also known as the Extra-Crunchy CD o' Fun, is an album of original Captain Underpants-themed songs by Japanese singer/songwriter Koji Matsumoto. It is included with the Captain Underpants Box Set, and was released sometime between 2001 and 2010.

Track listing

Track name Length
1. "Captain Underpants!" 3:05
2. "4th Grade" 2:15
3. "Super Diaper Baby Foo Foo" 2:30
4. "Calling Captain Underpants" 3:20
5. "Super Silly Streak" 2:24
6. "Shaking Hands" 2:36
7. "Oops I Farted" 2:09
8. "Old Tree House" 2:31
9. "Talking Toilets" 2:09
10. "Imagination" 2:36
11. "Captain Underpants! (Japanese)" (Bonus Track) 3:05
12. "4th Grade (Japanese)" (Bonus Track) 2:31
13. "Oops I Farted (Japanese)" (Bonus Track) 2:36

Total length: 33:53 The album, plus several other original songs such as "Finger Snapping" and "The Flip-o-Rama Song" can be found on the official Captain Underpants website.

It is unknown if Dav Pilkey knows about this album or not.

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