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Captain Underpants: The Super Silly CD o' Fun is an album by Japanese singer/songwriter Koji Matsumoto. It is included with the collector's edition of Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets in 2007, after the Extra Crunchy CD o' Fun was released in 2005. It is the second Captain Underpants CD in total. Matsumoto also wrote songs for the Extra-Cheesy CD o' Fun.


Dav Pilkey asked Koji Matsumoto, who was a sushi chef at a local Japanese restaurant and a friend of his, if he could write some Captain Underpants-themed songs for his website. Before he knew it, Matsumoto had already written several songs.

These songs focus on various things from the books, as well as the importance of George and Harold's friendship. The most popular song is "Super Silly Streak," which has a music video that was uploaded in 2008 and has over 200,000 views. The album has 10 songs, plus 3 bonus tracks that are Japanese versions of some of these songs.

Track listing[]

Track name Length
1. "Captain Underpants!" 3:05
2. "4th Grade" 2:15
3. "Super Diaper Baby Foo Foo" 2:30
4. "Calling Captain Underpants" 3:20
5. "Super Silly Streak" 2:24
6. "Shaking Hands" 2:36
7. "Oops I Farted" 2:09
8. "Old Tree House" 2:31
9. "Talking Toilets" 2:09
10. "Imagination" 2:36
11. "Captain Underpants! (Japanese)" (Bonus Track) 3:05
12. "4th Grade (Japanese)" (Bonus Track) 2:31
13. "Oops I Farted (Japanese)" (Bonus Track) 2:36

Music Videos[]

Some music videos were created for some of the songs between 2006 and 2007. They can be found on Koji Matsumoto's Captain Underpants YouTube channel, KojiUnderpants. These songs include "Captain Underpants!," "Calling Captain Underpants," "Super Silly Streak," "Shaking Hands," and "Old Tree House." The most viewed video to date is "Super Silly Streak." These music videos consist of usually random things happening, bright colors, and special effects, plus live-action versions of characters from the books. Captain Underpants is played by Matsumoto himself. For unknown reasons, George and Harold don't appear in any of these videos, but are replaced by two girls.


  • The album, plus several other original songs were released on the old Captain Underpants website. The website is no longer active, but a user did post the songs' audio on YouTube in 2015.
  • It is unknown if Dav Pilkey remembers this album or not.