The Abysmal Altercation of the Abominable Altitooth is the 29th episode of The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants.


Mr. Krupp doesn’t want his photo shoot with the Federation of United National Camps (The F.U.N.C.) to be ruined, so he sends the noisy kids climbing up a snowy mountain to get them out of his hair (and motivating them with a Mystery Box most of the kids think has junk inside, but Melvin thinks it has Doopity the Dancing Dolphin and Jessica thinks it has another Sophie). When they encounter a long-lost explorer that inexplicably turns into an rumored abominable snowman called Altitooth, Captain Underpants comes to town!


  • The Abominable Altitooth turns Captain Underpants frozen solid into a block of ice, and then Harold and George use the satellite to unfreeze and melt him, the ice melts into water, and it was touching him, so he would've turned back into Mr. Krupp after getting unfrozen since water always does that to him.
  • One of the aliens from episode eight appears in this episode.
  • Jessica makes Gooch a Sophie called, "Temporary Sophie" and "Permanent Sophie" at the end since Sophie One and Other Sophie got kidnapped by a bald eagle. Then she also gives him the first rule of Sophies, which is never talk, no matter how much he wants to, just like it goes for Sophie One and Other Sophie since she's the leader, so he tries to respect her rules.
  • When Sophie One and Other Sophie get captured by a bald eagle, Jessica says she needs Sophie One, she also says she needs Other Sophie too, even though she pushes her around a LOT.
  • Moral: The most personal of conflicts can often be solved with communication. 
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