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The Advenchers of Dog Man is a comic book that George and Harold wrote in the flashback segment of Captain Underpants and the Terrifying Re-Turn of Tippy Tinkletrousers. The comic focuses on Dog Man, his origin story, and his adventures. The comic is also the first comic by George and Harold.


Once there was a poilceman and he had a dog named Greg. One day, there was a bomb, but it exploded right near the poilceman and Greg. Meanwhile, at the emergency room, the doctor told them that Greg's body was dying... and so was the poilceman's head. But the nurse sewed Greg's head onto the policeman's body, and Dog Man, the greatest of all cops, was born. He could punch criminals, he could hear crimes, and he could sniff out crooks. He once helped the police find a criminal wearing pants on the roof of a building by climbing a tree bark. The criminal was caught, but Dog Man had a mortal fear of vacuum cleaners, like all dogs do. Then there was Petey, the so-called "World's Most Evilest Cat". He built a robo-vacuum to steal money from the bank and scare Dog Man. Then, Dog Man punched the robot and caught Petey. The police celebrated by having wine.


  • The Adventures of Dog Man was mentioned before in the "About the Authors" section of the graphic novel spin-offs of other comics.
  • The operation seen would not have been that simple (ex. Connecting parts of the cop's body to the dog's head), although there may have been more to it than what was shown.
  • This was the first comic that George and Harold made together when they first met.
  • Chapter 1 of the first book was a remake of this comic, but it doesn't have the part where Dog Man whines and the officers have wine, which is not kid-friendly.
Original Dog Man Creation

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Revamped Dog Man Creation

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