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The Adventures of Boxer Boy and Great Granny Gridle is a comic made by George Beard and Harold Hutchins in Captain Underpants and the Preposterous Plight of the Purple Potty People.


The comic begins saying that grandparents can be a bit embarrassing for their grandchildren such as they tell dumb jokes, use embarrassing nicknames and have no sense of what things cost (handing out a nickel to buy a video game). However Harold's grandpa and George's grandma decide that they won't let their age and reputation keep them down and establish their dominance over other people much to George and Harold's amazement.

One day, a new store with a mysterious ship on the roof opens up overnight. The owners of the store are selling robo-geezers (Robo-grannies and Grandpatron 2000s) to kids who claim that the robots can be much more superior than their actual grandparents. As a result, most of the kids in town sell their own grandparents for the new robo-geezers, except for George and Harold who still respect theirs. Later that night, the two grandparents are curious about the new store and decide to investigate. Inside they find all the grandparents chained up for something sinister. The two try to figure out how to save them, but get distracted by a bowl of hard candy nearby.

Meanwhile the store owners (who are actually aliens) plan to use grandparents and turn them into slaves with super powers to sell for profit and that the bowl of hard candy gives them powers. When they check on the grandparents, they find that George and Harold's grandparents have ate all the hard candy becoming Boxer Boy and Great Granny Gridle. The aliens escape into their spaceship and order the robo-geezers to attack the heroes. Finding themselves overwhelmed, Boxer Boy soon gets an idea, he gets Great Granny Gridle to get the robo-geezers to chase her while he pounds on the spaceship, altering the shape into a hard candy. After spray painting it, he whistles to the robots to the candy which they swarm. Eventually one of the robots bites the fuel line causing the ship to explode, killing the aliens and destroying all the robo-geezers.

The two then free the grandparents who cheer for their heroism.