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The Captain Underpants 25th 1/2 Anniversary Book is a 25th 1/2 version of the first epic novel. It includes a 32 page Dog Man comic called: "Dog Man and the League of Misfits."

Bonus Comix[]

George and Harold find a box of old comics they made, including Dog Man, Timmy the Talking Toilet, and The Amazing Cow Lady. They then find a comic called "Dog Man meets Captain Underpants", a short comic where Dog Man meets Captain Underpants. Soon they find a comic called "Dog Man and the League of Misfits", where Sarah Hatoff interviews Petey on why he's bad, with Dog Man holding a rope. Petey shows a video about how he's blamed for his crimes, but while everyone is watching the video, Petey ties everyone up. Petey goes to his secret lab to uncover Timmy the Talking Toilet, a cute, talking toilet who is actually evil. Everyone is obsessed with him, but not Sarah and Dog Man. They ask why he made it, and Petey responds on how it's his plan on world domination.



  • This comic has some misspelled words, including "really" and "favorite."
  • The words "sowwy" and "Ouchies!" are used for emphasis and humor.