The Confounding Concoction of the Crooked Combotato is the 36th episode of The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants.


The campers play a new game called Plot Potato. They have fun, but behind the scenes Melvin is collecting their DNA to make clones loyal to him after an obstacle course by Mr. Krupp goes wrong for Melvin. It goes wrong when Melvin throws a potato into the altered phone booth (and blames it on George) he was using to fuse the DNA.


  • Each of the characters' chapters are drawn in a different art style.
    • Jessica's version is drawn in a cute Anime style. 
  • Moral: It's important to cooperate and contribute when you're part of a team.
  • Captain Underpants picks up Harold and George while they're soaking wet after running through the rain, and he doesn't turn back into Mr. Krupp, possibly all the water on them is touching him, but is not strong enough to turn him back into Mr. Krupp.
  • Jessica calls Captain Underpants "Captain Underwear" in her part of the story.
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