Captain Underpants Wiki

work in progress[]

[George, Harold, and Gooch are seen warming up, with the other kids in the background]

Narrator: This is George Beard and Harold Hutchins. George is the kid on the left with the tie and the flattop. Harold is the one on the right with the T-shirt and the bad haircut. Remember that, now, because they're about to meet the dark side of teamwork.

Mr. Krupp: Listen up! The Lake Summer Camp ropes course is a team activity, [Camera pans over the ropes course] so you only succeed if everyone succeeds. And until then, there will be no other camp activities.

George: What about sleeping?

Mr. Krupp: Except sleeping.

Harold: What about eating?

Mr. Krupp: And eating.

Gooch: What about going to the bathroom?

Stanley: Or showerering?

Jessica: Or doing our har?

Mr. Krupp: [huffs in exasperation] Im talking about fun stuff! No fun stuff! Now get going.

[Mr. Krupp blows his whistle]

[George and Harold sit on top of a wooden wall]

George: Come on, Melvin, climb!

Melvin: I am climbing, you unpaved roads. (He is not climbing.)

[George, Harold, and Erica run across a wooden rope bridge]

Harold: Come on, Melvin, cross.

Melvin: I am crossing, you warped-Ah!

[Melvin falls into the mud under the bridge]

[George and Harold go down a zipline]

George: Come on, Melvin, zip!

Melvin: No. Never! Call the fire department and get me down from here!

[sirens blare]

Melvin: Oh, that was fast. Now get me down from here!

[Melvin is blasted by the fire hose]

Mr. Krupp: All but one of you finished. [Camera cuts to Melvin, wet and stuck in a tree] That means none of you finished, so no fun stuff until you do.

[The kids, covered in grass and mud, glare at Mr. Krupp]

[Mr. Krupp attempts to play that ball-and-cup game. He sucks at it.]

[Theme Song plays]

George and Harold: So George and Harold make comic books.

George: We're cool.

Harold: Me too!

George and Harold: Now they're summering at summer camp and Mr. Krupp is too!

Mr. Krupp: Blah Blah Blah Blah...!

George and Harold: Once they used the Hypno-Ring and first they made him dance, then accidentally, kinda on purpose, turned him into Captain Underpants!

Captain Underpants: Traa-La-Laaaaaa!

George and Harold: With a snap, he's the captain, flying through the trees, and don't forget when he gets wet, you're sure to feel the squeeze!

Mr. Krupp: Blah Blah Blah...!

George and Harold: Put it all together, what could possibly go wrong? Now this is the end of the Captain Underpants song! By George Beard and Harold Hutchins.

Captain Underpants: Traa-La-Camp!

George and Harold: The Confounding Concoction of the Crooked Combotato!

Chapter 1[]

Narrator: Chapter 1: Fake One for the Team

[Melvin is lying on his bunk in the cabin, getting a massage by one of his robots]

Narrator: The ropes course left Melvin's body ruined like an unguarded taco bar.

Melvin: Oh, my body isn't made to move. [George and Harold enter] What do you two floppy disks want? Ha! Obsolete burn!

George: You heard Krupp. No fun stuff until we finish the ropes course as a team. So no activities. No outdoor activities, no indoor activities...

[Scene changes to underwater, a fishing boat, a Robin Hood-esque archery range, a medieval field, a doorstep, back to the cabin. Costumes change for each boy in turn]

Harold: No swimming, no boating, no archery, no jousting, no soliciting, no shirt, no shoes-

Melvin: I get it.

Harold: Right, and since you're, pardon the expression, Melvin...

George: We know you'll never be a team player. So we have a solution.

[Gooch walks in, dressed as Melvin, his hair dyed orange]

Melvin: What is this absurdity?

Harold: It's a stunt Melvin!

Gooch: I didn't agree to this, but okay.

George: Gooch finishes the course as you, we all move on, everybody wins.

Melvin: Preposterous! No one will believe he is me.

Stanley: Hey Melvin. [glances to Melvin] Second Melvin!

Melvin: You think you can replace me? Well, I'll replace you with clones. Clones who will celebrate me.

[Flash forward]

George: They're ready, your Melvinness.

Harold: Your scepter, your Melvinity.

[Melvin walks onto a stone balcony, and every kid starts cheering. They are all ginger.]

[Flash forward ends]

Melvin, imitating the crowd: "Melvin, Melvin we love you."

George: Eh, do it anyway?

Harold: Opperation Cut Melvin Out of the Loop is a go. Come on Gooch. [He doesn't move] Gooch?

Gooch: Oh, sorry. Thought I was Melvin. I'm just a pawn in this game.

[Camera cuts to Mr. Krupp in a weird exercise outfit attempting to jump rope. He gives up and sits down, pouring a cup of liquid onto his chest]

Mr. Krupp: Yep, that was hot coffee. [Off-camera screaming as the kids approach] Oh, back for more? Too bad you'll blow it, and I'm having all the fun. [Chuckles and attempts to jump rope again. He falls like a loser] Wait! Melvin, why do you look different?

Gooch: New haircut? Also, I'm not Melvin, but you won't hear that because no one listens to me-

Mr. Krupp: Ha! Your barber butchered you, Melvin. [Clouds gather in the background] But we can't all have beautiful, natural hair like mine.

[Thunder rumbles]

Mr. Krupp: No! My beautiful, natural hair!

Jessica: Like, he's right. Rain is bad for har! Sophie One, get the umbrella! [She grabs Other Sophie and they run for cover]

George: "Lake Summer Camp ropes course. Together we fail." [He rearranges the sign]

Harold: "Krupp is a hot fart casserole."

George and Harold: [laughing]

[All kids run inside the main lodge, soaked]

Jessica: Ugh! Other Sophie, you're a terrible umbrella.

Gooch, dripping orange hair dye: Am I still Melvin or am I me now?

Dressy, squeezing out her hair: I'm like a waterfall. ♪ Niagara! ♪

Stanley: I don't know where the sweat stops and the rain starts.

George: Man, it's pouring out there. So no ropes course.

Harold: Which means no fun, no freedom, and no...folk music.

Hippies: ♪ Flowers and birds and not paying taxes ♪

George: No folk music?

Hippies: ♪ Sharing our shoes and sleeping on dirt ♪

Harold: I needed one more thing that starts with "F."

Hippies: ♪ And living in a van ♪

George: On the bright side, no Melvin.

Gooch: So, no me?

Harold: No, real Melvin.

Gooch: I don't know who I am anymore. I think I'm losing it.

George: Me, too, We gotta find something fun to do until it stops raining or we'll all go stir crazy.

Harold: Bingo!

George: Huh?

Harold: [Pulls a used Bingo sheet out of a cabinet] And other games besides Bingo.

Narrator: While the kids were killing time, Krupp was killing hair.

[Camera cuts to Mr. Krupp in the bathroom, blow-drying a smoking Harry]

Mr. Krupp: Hair smoke. I'm sure that's normal. Just need to crack a window. [He moves to the window and attempts to open it] Hmm. Rain must have made the wood swell. [He tries the door to no avail] Oh, no! More swollen wood! I'm trapped. [He begins hyperventilating]

Mr. Krupp: Ok, calm down, Krupp. Stop acting like you hair's on fire.

[Harry bursts into flames, and Mr. Krupp screams]