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The Dastardly Deeds of the Devious Diddlysaurus is the fifth episode of season 2 of The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants.


A book report-to-comic book conversion leaves George and Harold's grades in the red zone, and they have to raise them to go to lake summer camp. The two have to think of something better than Melvin's real dinosaur, and mischief ahoy when they accidently leave their comic in dino times and Melvin's dino turns out to be Diddlysaurus, who creates chaos with his antics. When Melvin frees three more dinosaurs out to exact revenge on Diddly, mayhem is the game when the Diddly's former friends prove to be more than capable of taking out Captain Underpants.


At school George Beard and Harold Hutchins were in class where Tara Ribble told the class to make a book report about dinosaurs, but the boys make a comic about dinosaurs instead, so they got extra discredit. As a result of this, they decided to use the Time Toad 2000 to go back to 65 Million Years ago, back before dinosaurs went extinct. Melvin Sneedly told Melvinborg how George and Harold ruins his plans. Melvinborg told Benjamin Krupp to spy on George and Harold, so Krupp disguises as a kid and George and Harold told him to put rocks on his feet, as they went back in time to the dinosaur eraCrackers,Mr. Krupp,George and Harold got chased by three dinosaurs and went back to the present. They took a frozen dinosaur to their treehouse as Mr Krupp was in his car spying on them, but Officer Wiggly and the Police Chief arrested him, mistakenly thinking he’s a kid driving a car, when he's actually an adult. The next day, the dinosaur was thawed, and so, Diddlysaurus told them to do a prank with him, so George, Harold and Diddly prank Mr. Krup,Jessica Gordon's har (uh, hair), and put worms in Kenny B. Meaner's coffee, Diddly was going to give everyone diarrhea and lock all bathroom doors, but George and Harold didn’t like that, so Diddly left them and George and Harold decided to thaw out new dinosaurs. Melvin got mad at them for stealing a dinosaur from the past, so he uses his Thaw & Order 2000 to thaw Malison and Saurbrothers to kill Diddly. George and Harold, shocked by this, turned Krupp into Captain Underpants, who they want to do the golf course to stop Melvin from killing Diddly. Captain Underpants tried to use underwear on it, but it was ripped, but thankfully, Diddly used Melvin's own invention to freeze Malison and the suarbrothers in ice, and he got out before the cops came, so he opened a new pizza place and George and Harold got extra credit.


  • Moral: Pranks are not funny if they actually hurt people.
  • This is the first episode where Captain Underpants complains and throws a tantrum after failing at mini putt. He played a little game of it in The Strange Strife of the Smelly Socktopus, and he never seemed to have an attitude about it.
  • The final chapter, “Live and Let Dino”, is a reference to a James Bond film named “Live and Let Die”. It could also be a reference to the Paul McCartney song of the same name.