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The Disturbing Dilemma of the Dysfunctional Doppelgangers is the 4th episode of The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants in Space!.


In the last episode, The Hazardous Hysteria of the Hangry Hypnosinger, Krupp pushed several buttons at random in the school causing it to crash-land on a planet called Utopiqua, a place where kids are in charge (much to Mr. Krupp's annoyance). However, George and Harold quickly learn that the children of Utopiqua abuse and enslave adults.


The episode begins with the schoolship in chaos because of Benjamin Krupp's previous tampering with the spacecraft's controls. The schoolship, with no fuel and disabled emergency brakes, is sent into a collision course to an unidentified planet. The ship crashes and skids across a blue jungle before finally stopping near the bottom of a cliff's edge. Unfortunately, it makes a sizable crack in the ship's glass dome. While Moxie Swaggerman and Dr. Shifty Fitzgibbons prepare to repair the spaceship, George Beard and Harold Hutchins create a comic entitled, "Captain Underpants and the Astonishing Deceit of Astro Ducklings."

The boys present their comic to their classmates and Moxie. Unamused, Moxie shows them a lengthy list of the items they need to repair the ship, horrifying them and the rest of the space crew. George and Harold offer to lead the away team, but Moxie forbids them from doing so. She asserts that adults are in charge, not children, prompting Mr. Krupp to try to lead the team. Moxie also rejects him, as his stupidity was responsible for crashing the schoolship in the first place. She instead decides to escort George, Harold, and Mr. Krupp herself.

After traveling through an alien jungle, they discover Utopiqua, a blue-tinted version of Piqua. Hoping to find every object needed to fix the ship, George, Harold, Mr. Krupp, and Moxie visit Statrew's Stuff Store, which sells everything, in contrast to its alternate counterpart. As Moxie attempts to enter the store, she runs into Xeimo, her blue-skinned doppelgänger. She orders Mr. Krupp to return the boys to the schoolship, then goes with Xeimo.

George, Harold, and Mr. Krupp then meet Erica Wang's blue-skinned doppelgänger, Arice. She reveals that kids are in charge in Utopiqua, delighting the boys and displeasing Mr. Krupp. Arice takes them to Meejor Zithrow Elementary, where they realize that kids and adults (superficially) get along in Utopiqua. George, Harold, and Mr. Krupp also meet their own doppelgängers: Greego, Dohlar, and Purpk. After Purpk and Krupp leave to have a tour of the school, George, Harold, and the Utopiqua Kids go on a fun spree without adult supervision. Afterwards, Harold exclaims that he wants to stay in Utopiqua forever.

While on their school tour, Purpk compliments his students as he walks by them. Disgusted at his doppelgänger's love of children. Mr. Krupp claims kids should be controlled, not obeyed, prompting Purpk to force him into a closet. There, he warns Mr. Krupp to respect kids; otherwise, they will kill them. Krupp and Purpk then exit the closet once Arice opens the door.

As George, Harold, Greego, and Dohlar relax in a swimming pool, the latter two admit they imprison adults in a dungeon every day after school, shocking George and Harold. The episode immediately cuts to Mr. Krupp and Purpk in the aforementioned dungeon. Mr. Krupp asks Purpk why he and the other adults allow the children to abuse them. Purpk is about to answer, but he hides after he mistakes the sound of a bucket toppling over for the children's footsteps.

At Greego and Dohlar's treehouse, George and Harold argue with them about the ethics of Utopiqua's treatment of adults. During the argument, Dohlar mentions Livmen, Melvin Sneedly's alien parallel. Hearing this, George and Harold visit the dungeon, where they summon Captain Underpants. Captain Underpants destroys the cage's door, allowing the adults to escape. However, Greego and Dohlar spot the heroes outside the school and clap their hands to transform Purpk into Captain Pandernuts, the evil doppelgänger of Captain Underpants.

Captain Underpants and Captain Pandernuts fight, but the Mirr-O-Rama segment results in both of them punching each other with no end in sight. Realizing the battle is a stalemate, George and Harold run off to find help. They arrive at Persistent Coffee, a coffee shop where Livmen works. Though reluctant to help the boys at first, he agrees to assist George and Harold in freeing the adults.

George, Harold, and Livmen return to the school. Livmen then presents his new invention, the Apple Piecacchino 2000 (apple pie mixed with cappuccino). Captain Pandernuts, impressed by the thought of drinkable pie, grabs the two coffee mugs. This action distracts him and allows Captain Underpants to beat him to a pulp.

Just as George and Harold think their adventure is over, Greego and Dohlar transform into land sharks. Fortunately, Captain Underpants traps the sharks in a makeshift shark net made of damaged, smelly underwear, which according to Greego smells like rotten cabbage due to Captain Underpants never washing it.

WIth Greego and Dohlar defeated, adults are allegedly now in charge of Utopiqua. Mr. Krupp and Purpk, both of them having turned back offscreen, bid farewell to each other before the former leaves with Moxie, George, and Harold.

While on the now repaired ship, George and Harold conclude that Utopiqua is a better place under the adults' authority. The scene promptly cuts to the Utopiquans navigating another spaceship, with the grown-ups trapped inside a cage, implying they failed to control the children. The episode ends with Greego and Dohlar launching missiles and lasers at the Dome School.


  • Every Utopiquan's name is a sign-scrambled version of their counterpart's.
    • Greego is a sign-scrambled version of George.
    • Dohlar is a sign-scrambled version of Harold.
    • Captain Pandernuts is a sign-scrambled version of Captain Underpants.
    • Purpk is a sign-scrambled version of Krupp.
    • Livmen is a sign-scrambled version of Melvin
    • Arice is a sign-scrambled version of Erica
    • Ob is a sign-scrambled version of Bo
    • Hogoc is a sign-scrambled version of Gooch
    • Ryssed is a sign-scrambled version of Dressy
    • Yenlast is a sign-scrambled version of Stanley
    • Icejass is a sign-scrambled version of Jessica
    • Hopsie One is a sign-scrambled version of Sophie One
    • Other Hopsie is a sign-scrambled version of Other Sophie
    • Xeimo is a sign-scrambled version of Moxie Swaggerman
  • Harold and George snap their fingers to turn Mr. Krupp into Captain Underpants. In contrast, Dohlar and Greego clap their hands to turn Mr. Purpk into Captain Pandernuts.
  • It is unknown what turns Captain Pandernuts back into Purpk.
  • Arice's name for Erica is not sign-scrambled completely. The 'E' and 'A' are the only letters that are switched; the RIC in the name still stay the same.
  • At the end of the episode, the bizzaro versions of George and Harold attack the Dome School with lasers. This plothole is sadly never resolved, as the next episode opens with a Melvin rescue simulator.
  • In Utopiqua, instead of Melvin being a human there, he is a alien disguised as a human.
  • When Greego and Dohlar turn Mr. Purpk into Captain Pandernuts, Captain Pandernuts says "La-la-traaaa!", which is the exact same catchphrase as Captain Blunderpants.
  • During the landing, when the spaceship is stopping and sliding, the students shout “hooray!” Then “Aw man!” Which could be a reference to book 5, because in the book the students do the same thing. (In a different scenario)
  • It is the only episode in the show not to include Melivin