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For the doctor character in the Dog Man series, see Doctor.

The Doctor is a medical practitioner who helped deliver Super Diaper Baby. He only appears in The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby.


The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby[]

Deputy Dangerous and Danger Dog plan to gain super powers by draining them out of Captain Underpants, using the Deputy's "Super Power Taker-Awayer Ray 2000". They are successful and the powers are turned into juice. When Dangerous is about to drink the juice, the police arrive. However, Danger Dog had already drank some of the juice at this point and the two villains escape (Captain Underpants remains at the Laundromat due to the cops being more focused on Deputy Dangerous and Danger Dog).

Meanwhile, Mary Hoskins gives birth to a boy and the doctor has to give him the spank of life (as it is a tradition according to the doctor). The spanking accidentally shoots the baby out of the window, and the baby lands in the bucket of super power juice that Deputy Dangerous was stealing. The baby drinks the juice, causing him to gain super powers. Dangerous tells the baby to "give him the juice back", but the baby doesn't respond, instead beating Dangerous up. A nurse appears and gives the baby a diaper. The baby then flies up to the ward where he was born. The doctor tries to apologize for the accident he caused, but Billy then goes and spanks him a lot to make the accident forgiven. After seeing this, Bill Hoskins, decides to name their son Billy due to him being tough like him. The family returns home, but Deputy Dangerous and Danger Dog are arrested.