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The Dreadful Debacle of DJ Drowsy Drawers is the second episode of The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants.


A school dance sounds like fun—but only if the boys can keep their music teacher from playing DJ and putting everyone to sleep.


The episode starts with George and Harold sneaking into Jerome Horwitz. George gives Harold some signals as to what to do. Harold starts sneaking around or under certain objects and makes his way up the vent. The screen cuts to Harold in the vent (left half) and George giving the rope (right half). The narrator introduces them on these sides. He also mentions they don't have a permit for doing this. The intro then commences.

The next day started with a bit of tension, thanks to Mr. Krupp's Tension Cologne. He uses it and then whispers, "Two tigers take turns tasting tapioca" and then shouting "I am a mountain! Hooga!" He proceeds to announce that Stairwell C was painted, and he wants the students to watch it dry. George enables the My Hammy Sound Machine (which Harold plugged into Krupp's microphone) to disrupt the announcement. Mr. Krupp then notices that the normal black cord was not plugged in, and then follows the My Hammy's red cord. Krupp then says the lunch for the day, which was "Zesty meat taco with deluxe..." due to being interrupted by the "La Cucaracha" theme.

Krupp follows Harold's diversion, changing the lunch order to "meat zesty taco" as he follows the red cord through the ceiling tiles. He then shouts the lunch as "taco zest medley" as he struggles to get the cord out of a toilet. This triggered a belching sound from the Sound Machine. He yells "Fiesta zesty taco!" as the lunch while the sound of a chicken is omitted through the intercom. He finally yelled "Ole taco with zest taco!" as the menu, pulling at the cord hard before he finally flipped into the wall and landed in the janitor's closet. He then says the drink will be expired milk in cartons to punish the students for laughing. This was also met with a hilarious sound, this time being a cow mooing. Harold then asks George is they should have made the cord easier for Krupp to follow, as it was already in impossibly enclosed spaces. George declined, as he knew Krupp would find them because he was that predictable. Just then, Krupp finally makes it to George and Harold, bursting through the floor holding the My Hammy Sound Machine. Krupp yells at the boys to go to his office. But George pressed the button and got an extremely coincidental "wah-wah" brass sound.

In the office, Krupp presses the button on the My Hammy Sound Machine, and a log foghorn sound was emitted, sending a wave of paper documents everywhere. George then says the "noise machine" is their My Hammy Sound Machine, with Harold mentioning it had over 2,000 amazing sounds. Krupp yells at them to be quiet. The narrator speaks again, formally introducing the My Hammy, and saying it was created for one purpose: fun. The screen then cuts to the word, FUN, animating in a size cycle as it changed colors. After the previously mentioned cycle the narrator mentions that Mr. Krupp likes fun even less than he likes kids. Krupp bashes the Sound Machine, only getting random sounds out of it, then finally ordering George and Harold to turn it off. Harold presses the button, and a fart sound finally stops the noise. Ms. Anthrope comes in asking, if Krupp called her. Krupp replied, "Not now!" and she left.

As Krupp thinks about the boys' punishment, Harold admits they were guilty, and they should be banned from the school dance. This does not work as Krupp knows their game, their ploy, and their "other word like that". He then says everyone will go to the dance. Harold asking if "fun" will go to the dance. Krupp laughs sarcastically, and says no. He only cares that this office visit gets them one step closer to being expelled, and that was enough punishment. Harold presses the My Hammy Sound Machine again, resulting in another fart sound. Ms. Anthrope comes in again, asking if Mr. Krupp called her, but was interrupted by Krupp himself, and left the office again.

George and Harold were dejected, as they went through all that work and still had to go to the dance. The narrator explains why they tried to get banned from the dance. He says that George and Harold hate dances because Mr. Krupp hates dances, but he has to have them. Meanwhile, a shot of Mr. Krupp in his office shows him kicking over a vinyl set. Why he has to have them is soon explained: apparently, Charles Cotesworth Pinckney wrote a rule in the Constitution about school dances being mandatory. That's why all schools (and in turn, TV shows about schools) have school dances. Krupp then proceeds to curse out Pinckney and makes sure the dances aren't any fun.

George then proclaims that the next dance will be even duller than the once from three years ago, "Night of Magic Spelling Dictation". Harold then mentions the dance after that, "Enchantment Under the Tarp". George also mentions last year's "Moonlight Standardized Placement Testing Jamboree". Just then, Mr. Rected put the poster for the new dance up, the Enchanted Waiting Room Dance. George and Harold were bummed, until they noticed the DJ auditions, and decided to try out.

The next shot shows Krupp, Anthrope, and Ms. Hurd in the gym. Mr. Krupp explains that these are the DJ auditions. He says that they will all have a chance, even though he will choose Ms. Hurd anyway. Jessica and the Sophies try out first. Ms. Anthrope feels uncomfortable inside, while Ms. Hurd says to "cut that racket". Mr. Krupp then asks for the next person. Dressy does a light show with glow sticks. Ms. Anthrope has to go home and feed her cat, but Ms. Hurd says to shut it off again. Krupp gets the next audition. Gooch attempts to sign in his computer for the music. He fails to enter his password correctly and throws it, steaming in anger. This is Krupp's favorite. When the next act is supposed to come, a giant musical robot shows up. Krupp begs for mercy against the robot. Melvin then shows up from inside the robot, which is actually his Raisetheroofatron 2000, and Krupp pretends he knew they weren't being enslaved. Melvin plays some music, but Ms. Hurd orders to "cut that racket" again, and Krupp call for the next audition, to Melvin's dismay. Melvin leaves, infuriated, but slips and then drags himself the rest of the way. George and Harold are the next audition, but Mr. Krupp doesn't even give them a chance, as they do not get to play any music. Mr. Krupp has tallied the "scores" and still chosen Ms. Hurd. George and Harold proclaim that this is a "shavesty" (an obvious word merge of "sham" and "travesty"). They were right, but "shavesty" is not a word. They then also curse out Charles Cotesworth Pinckney for writing that rule in the Constitution.


  • Not only does water turn Captain Underpants back into Mr. Krupp, but juice also turns him back that way as well. This is because, according to the narrator, juice is "mostly water".
  • Titmouse provides 49 digital animators here, by far the highest of any episode.
  • Captain Underpants briefly dabs in the scene where George and Harold control him in his fight.
  • DJ Jazzy George is a parody of DJ Jazzy Jeff.