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The Flustering Mindless Woe of the Flushable Memory Wipes is the tenth episode of The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants.


A chocolate-pudding "incident" turns George and Harold into the new Ted Turdslys and sends them into hiding. But there's a new principal when they come back -- and no one remembers them! As it turns out, it was former principal Theodore Murdsley, originator of the nickname out for revenge on the school with Melvin's help. Now it's up to them to restore the memories and stop the new evil principal once and for all.


While George Beard and Harold Hutchins are making a new superhero called Colonel Urinal, they notice that they sat in chocolate pudding, and everybody notices that they're the new Ted Turdslys. They have to wash their pants and deny it ever happened, but they end up cutting their shorts into half. Meanwhile, Theodore Murdsley, the school's lavatory salesman, gets mad when a student says, "Ted Turdsly." He attempts to make Benjamin Krupp open the box, making everyone lose their memories. George and Harold showed of their gym outfits, but everyone, even Melvin Sneedly and Mr. Krupp, doesn't recognize them.

Murdsly calls everyone to come to the gym for a cool principal appreciation ceremony, and he makes himself the principal. George and Harold decide to tell his true identity by making a comic to make everyone turn on him, but Murdsly catches them and makes them lose THEIR memory too. They get their memory back by reading a comic called The Origins of Captain Underpants." They turn Krupp into Captain Underpants, but Murdsly catches wind of it and makes Captain Underpants his henchman, and the three immobilize them.

They turned Captain Underpants back into Krupp and got the comic. They turned Krupp BACK into Captain Underpants and made him read the comic, which restored his memory. They made Captain Underpants everyone get their memory back. But Murdsly and Melvin made everyone lose their memory AGAIN with their Sham-Nesia 2000. They embarrassed Murdsly and made him eject from the Sham-Nesia. Now Melvin is the new Ted Turdsly. Realizing letting Melvin suffer instead of them will only continue a long-running cycle of mockery and unfairness, George, Harold, and the other students decide to stand up for Melvin and end Ted Turdsly. Mr. Krupp once again becomes the principal, and the episode ends with Jessica and the Sophies at sea.


  • In this episode, Captain Underpants has trouble reading the comic book. However, in The Terrifying Misfortune of The T.P Mummy, he could read with glasses, implying he might not be able to read small print.
  • The narrator makes a reference to the past couple of episodes when he says "Oh yeah, Jessica is in this episode", because Jessica was absent for a couple episodes before this.
  • When Harold picks up Murdsly's folder, it is misspelled "Murdlsy".
  • This episode marks the creation of Colonel Urinal.
  • Theodore Murdsley is similar to Professor Poopypants, as his villainy is also motivated by humiliation of a silly name.
  • This is the first episode where Jessica calls Other Sophie "generous," even though she still doesn't treat her right, making her not "kind" to Other Sophie. However, this is because of everyone losing their memories. It makes sense when she calls Sophie One "thoughtful," because she treats Sophie One far better than Other Sophie. 
  • Moral: Bullying can have a strong and lasting effect on a person in the future. 
  • This is the first episode where Captain Underpants calls Harold and George by their real names, even though he usually refers to them as his sidekicks. However, after he gets his memory back, they want him to remember them. 
  • The ShamNesia 2000 Melvin uses to make Ted Murdsly invincible is a pun on the word amnesia, which means memory loss.