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The Frenzied Farts of Flabby Flabulous is the first episode of the first season of The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants. It premiered on Netflix on July 13, 2018.


George and Harold get revenge on their gym teacher by writing him into a ridiculous new comic. But the joke’s on them when life imitates art.


The episode begins with the classic introduction of George and Harold (Meet George Beard and Harold Hutchins. George is the one with the flat top and the tie. Harold is the one with the t-shirt and the really bad haircut. Remember that now.) They go and do some sign swap, ut ultimately get caught by Krupp and are sent to the principal's office. Krupp says they can't goof around while they're supposed to be in P.E (Followed by an image of a parody of the "I want YOU for the US Military!" Propaganda, this time written "You're supposed to be in P.E!" and Mr. Meaner being replaced as Uncle Sam.) and George and Harold make some puns as excuses. After that, Krupp brings up the rule book and finds one rule, however he gets confused by it and makes a rule by himself that if somebody doesn't go to P.E, it would cause Indefinite Saturday Detention. George says that he just wrote the rule but Krupp shouts at them, "P. E!".

The scene cuts to George, Harold, Melvin, Jessica, And Erica in P.E class. Mr. Meaner orders them to move the scale in order to pass P.E, however, Erica comes and says her Modern Dance Class would exclude her from doing the scale. Mr. Meaner doesn't understand, but she leaves. When it was Jessica's turn, she made up a lie and said that she's going to the best-of-all festival and since her "har" is so good, her hairstylist said she can't miss her "har" day and leaves. Which leaves George, Harold and Melvin. However, when it was Melvin's turn, he says he would be leaving shortly. Mr. Meaner tries to be menacing towards him by saying "You think your pretty smart, don't y-y-y-y-a, Sneedly?", which he replies by "Yes". The narrator shows that he is, in fact, the smartest Student in Jerome Hortwitz Elementary School. And even at a young age, he had an intense talent for designing and creating inventions that are out of reach of Modern Science.

Melvin presents his Pumpitupinator 2000, which is made to make people get a better Body and inserts his hand onto the machine. After some intense processing, Melvin gains Muscle Muscles. Not only he moves the scale easily, but also breaks it and manages to make the arrow fly through the school all up for it to go through Miss. Anthrope's hair, resulting in a stop. He leaves the gym, proud. But George and Harold stop him and ask him for them to use the Pumpitupinator 2000 for them to pass P.E. However Melvin strictly forbidden them to even touch it. Since yesterday, they pulled a prank on Melvin while he was presenting " The Time-Toad 2000 " by replacing peanut butter (that is powering up the invention) with paste. And leaves the Gym. George asks Mr. Meaner that since the Scale is broken, could they leave, which Mr. Meaner responds to with that they need to do laps carrying the Helda. George and Harold silently grunt "Nooooooo!" because the Helda was a couch so heavy, it's practically impossible to carry. Some say it contained the mummified bodies of the old P.E teachers, some say it was full of coins, which it was.

But luckily, George tricks Mr. Meaner by complimenting him and saying leaving the Helda where it started is a great idea. Mr. Meaner says yup due to the compliment, and shouts at them to do it. Harold tries to move the Helda, but can't, and George explains the trick he did on Mr. Meaner. And they make a comic called "Captain Underpants and the Frenzied Farts of Flabby Fabulous". The story goes that there was a skinny guy named and had a HUGE Butt. But instead of anyone who would be ashamed of having a big butt, Flabby LOVED His big butt and it was like its bestest friend. But he though people's much smaller butts were dumb and kept saying to people "You're missing out! We're having so much fun!". But people were disgusted by his big butt and made fun by him by calling him "Flabby Fabulous". But Flabby liked that name and tried to make some merchandise of it, but nobody bought it. And that made him very mad. Out of anger, he crushed every store on his way with his huge butt and crushed Captain Underpants' favorite underwear store. Captain Underpants said to Flabby he can't crush stores, ESPECIALLY underwear stores, but Flabby said that he can because he can, so Captain Underpants went to fight him but couldn't get past his BIG Butt. He said that he knows what to do and used Wedgie Power but realized the underwear he pulled was too small. So, he looked for bigger underwear to get him a Wedgie, luckily, there was an underwear factory, and the flag had a USED Pair of Underpants in their flag! Captain Underpants was going to grab the big underwear but Flabby made a BIG FART and blasted him through the comic book's panels! But Flabby didn't see him enter the next page and Captain Underpants came, which surprised him. Captain Underpants held Flabby and got him stuck on a huge tunnel in the factory, and Flabby couldn't stop his fart and, KABOOM! He went to Uranus, where the aliens liked his big butt. The end!

But when George and Harold were running, they accidently knocked off Mr. Meaner's bowl of Soda and it spilled, which angered Mr. Meaner and he shouted at the boys to get to the principal's office. However, when they ran, the pages of the comic book were accidently flown, and Mr. Meaner caught the cover. At first, he laughed, but after a closer look, he realized it was making fun of him. Since he can't take jokes, he got even madder than before. Cut to the office, Krupp says it's fantastic that the two boys are getting to the office two times in a day, as now they hit 423 visits in the school and when they reach 500 visits, they would be sent to a farm to milk goats. Krupp drinks an entire cartridge and burps, asking George and Harold what they have to say now, which George replies by saying what Krupp did was gross. Krupp yells at him and says "like the court of law, they're guilty until proven innocent". But Harold says he thinks it's the other way, and Krupp says he can't think because this school. Now that they didn't pass P.E, they are punished by Indefinite Saturday Detention. George asks for another way to not get punished due to desperation, and Krupp says they need to do a lap around the earth and bring him the flags from every country. But Mr. Meaner arrives and yells at Geroge and Harold that they are more trouble, but need protocol first, when Ms. Anthrope tells that Mr. Meaner is here to see Mr. Krupp. Mr. Meaner repeats again and told him that the comic of George and Harold was making fun of him and he became really mad at them.




  • This is the only episode to feature a Flip-O-Rama segment; the other episodes have "Incredibly Graphic Violence Chapters" than contain spin-offs of Flip-O-Rama, like Paint-O-Rama, as seen in The Squishy Predicament of Stanley Peet's Stinky Pits.
  • This episode debuts Harold, George, Erica, Jessica, Captain Underpants, Mr. Krupp, Mr. Meaner, Sophie One, Other Sophie, and Melvin.
  • Mr. Krupp mistakes "you're innocent until proven guilty" with "you're guilty until proven innocent" at the beginning of Chapter 3, when George and Harold are in his office.
  • George says Harold's elephant sick joke doesn't make sense. However, Harold most likely used elephant for the word faint.
  • Before the intro, the words 'off' are the only red letters on the sign, but 'p' and 'e' can be found on the ground, with no other 'f' in sight.
  • The fifth chapter, "Things Fall Afart", was renamed by the F being replaced by a P, making "Things Fall Apart" instead.


  • In one scene, the visit counter says 223 visits instead of 423.