Captain Underpants Wiki

[Two boys meet each other out their house's and do a little handshake and walk off. They both carry skateboards]

Narrator: Meet George Beard and Harold Hutchins George is the one with the fat top and the tie. Harold is the one with the t-shirt and the really bad haircut. ( Ew, what?) Remember that now. There are forth graders of Jerome Horwitz Elementary School, home of the Purple Dragon Sing-A-Long Friends, where you might hear than described as...

George as Ms. Ribble: Disruptive!

Harold as Mr. Meaner: Bad Attituded!

Narrator: But we think of them as smart and sweet...

Harold as Mr. Krupp: Know my rule: please stay off the dirt!

[They rearrange a sign]

Narrator: …and a bit silly. Silliness that can get them in a lot of trouble...

Mr. Krupp: "Smell your own stinky feet"? [Shouting]

Narrator: …with this guy, school principal Mr. Krupp.

[Mr. Krupp slams his hands on his desk and his metal cabinet shakes]

[Door opens and Miss Anthrope walks in]

Miss Anthrope: Did you call me?

Mr. Krupp: No!

Miss Anthrope: Well, -cause I thought I--

Mr. Krupp: No!

[Long Pause]

Miss Anthrope: Your mother called.

Mr. Krupp: I'm in a meeting!

[Theme Song plays]

George and Harold: So George and Harold make comic books.

George: We're cool!

Harold: Me too!

George and Harold: But they had a mean old principal who told them what to...

Mr. Krupp: Blah, blah, blah, blah!

George and Harold: So they got a Hypno-Ring and first they made him dance. Then accidentally, kinda on purpose turned him into Captain Underpants!

Captain Underpants: Traa-La-Laaaaaa!

George and Harold: With a snap, he's the captain, not the brightest man. And don't forget when he gets wet, you're back where you began!

Mr. Krupp: Blah, blah, blah!

George and Harold: Put it all together, what could possibly go wrong? Now this is the end of the Captain Underpants song! By George Beard and Harold Hutchins.

Captain Underpants: Traa-La-Laaaaaa!

George and Harold: The Frenzied Farts of Flabby Flabulous!

Chapter 1: P.E. is P.U.[]

[In Mr. Krupp's office, the boys stare at Mr. Krupp]

George: Are... are we supposed to talk?

Mr. Krupp: No! You're out there being a disturbance to the world while you're supposed to be in P.E.!

[Turn to a poster with Mr. Meaner blowing a whistle with words "You're supposed to be in P.E."]

George: Uh, we have a note from the doctor.

Mr. Krupp: That note is from a vet!

George: I was feeling sheepish.

Harold: My dogs hurt.

George: I was... catatonic.

[Mr. Krupp glares at them]

Harold: I felt eel.

George: My throat was "horse."

Harold: I was elephant.

[He laughs]

George: That doesn't really...

Harold: Yeah.

Narrator: We apologize for the bad puns. If you would like these seconds of your life back, stuff marshmallows in your mouth. [2 George and Harold puppets eat marshmallows] Nothing will happen. But you got marshmallows.

[Mr. Krupp opens a large brown book and flips through pages for a while. The boys stare at him.]

[Krupp continues to hum as he looks through the book]

Mr. Krupp: Yeah. Aha! Rule number 6,324. "It is against the rules for any student to ride a water buffalo or any type of bison to the--". Wait. [Clicks a pen and scribbles into it.] Aha! "Incomplete P.E. credits may cause for indefinite Saturday detentions."

George: You just wrote that in there!

Mr. Krupp: P.E.!

Harold: But Mr. Meaner, the gym coach, doesn't like us.

Mr. Krupp: Nobody likes you!

George: We like us.

Harold: Me too.

George: Isn't there any possible thing we could possibly do to possibly get out of P.E., possibly?

Chapter 2: No, There's Not[]

[Buzzer blares, a basket ball hits George]

Mr. Meaner: Heads up. If you flabby flabs want to pass P.E., yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah... [clears throat] …you will need to move the scale to "Pass P.E."

[A machine shows diagrams of increasingly muscularly arms, a light turns on above the biggest]

Mr. Meaner: If you are unable to do so, you... [grunts while attempting to push the lever of the machine with his butt] …flabby flabs, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, could repeat gym for up to twenty-two years.

Harold: Twenty-two years more or total?

Mr. Meaner: Hey! This is gym. No math.

George: Uh, I don't think we can stay in elementary school for twenty-two years.

Mr. Meaner: Why not? I did. And no math! Okay, Erica, we'll start with you.

Erica: Mr. Meaner, while perusing the school's bylaws in an attempt to serve justice, I find my extracurricular athletics, aka modern dance class, can and will exclude me from said proposed activities. [Meaner's stares at her dumbfounded] I'm out.

Mr. Meaner: All right, Jessica, you're up.

Jessica: Actually, um, Mr. Meaner? [chuckles] We are having the Festival of Good Har, and my Har is so good...

Mr. Meaner: "Har"?

Jessica: Har.

(Note: The above 2 lines are said again)

Mr. Meaner: Hair?

Jessica: Haaaaaar.

Mr. Meaner: "Har"?

Jessica: Har.

Mr. Meaner: Hair?

Jessica: Har.

Mr. Meaner: Hair!

Jessica: Har.

Mr. Meaner: Har.

Jessica: [scoffs] I, like, have a note from my har stylist that I can't mess my har here.

Mr. Meaner: Huh?

Jessica: So... yeah.

[Jessica leaves, Meaner crumples the paper]

Mr. Mean: I guess that just leaves you three.

Melvin: Those two, actually. I will be leaving shortly.

Mr. Meaner: You think you're pretty smart, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Don't ya, Sneedly?

Melvin: Yes.

Narrator: Melvin Sneedly, in fact, he is very smart. From a young age, Melvin displayed immense talent at designing and building contraptions that are actually beyond the reach of modern science. But we're ignoring that. He's also a snively grade-grubbing tattletale.

[In a flashback]

Melvin: [To George and Harold shouting] They got a frog!

[Back in the gym]

Melvin: I present the Pumpitupinator 2000. For a better body.

George: Nice save Melvin. We owe ya.

Melvin: Get your filthy hands away!

George: Go, team.

Melvin: With this, I will be able to accelerate and protract muscular cell growth and produce... [The Pumpitupinator turns on] …produce…massive muscle strength.

[His muscle's squish him, Meaner spits out his coffee, Melvin walks to the machine and turns the lever with ease.]

[The arrow spins so fast that it fly's off the dial, shoots through Meaner's coffee, passes a library, a play rehearsal, a science expirement, breaks a lock of a locker [Old man: I'm free!], passed a boy, a creature, a kitchen, a donut, a dolphin's ring, and sticks in Ms. Anthrope's hair.]

[Back in the gym, Meaner's mouth hangs open and Melvin pushes the Pumpitupinator away.]

[George and Harold exchange glances and run after Melvin]

Harold: Melvin!

George: Wait Up!

Harold: Can we please use your Pumpitupinator to get out of P.E.?

Melvin: No. Yesterday you ruined my presentation.

[In a flashback]

Melvin: The Time Toad 2000 is able to leap back and fourth in the space-time continuum. [George and Harold snore] And it is powered by a single element found only in... peanut butter.

George and Harold: Peanut butter? Mmm.

Melvin: The molecular basis of random change in gravitational impulse drive [George and Harold swap the peanut butter with past] engages forces previously unknown. And now to added the peanut butter.

[He mistakenly puts in the past in instead, the Time Toad powers up.]

Melvin: Huh. How is-- uh... What? [It turns to him] Huh? [Glue shoots to his face].

[George laughs]

[Flash back ends]

Harold: Didn't have breakfast.

George: We were hungry.

[Melvin scoffs and runs them over, whistle blows]

Mr. Meaner: All right, flabby flabs! Since the strength meter is broken--

George: We can leave?

Mr. Meaner: You can do laps. Carrying Brunhilda.

Both: Please. No.

Narrator: Brunhilda was a couch so heavy, it had been the scourge of students since forever. Some say it contained the mummified bodies of the last 95 gym teachers, going back some 400 years. Others said it was just full of coins, which it was.

Mr. Meaner: Ten laps around the gym and leave it--

George: Right where it is? Ah, great idea, Mr. Meaner.

Mr. Meaner: Uh, yeah, I thouth so.

George: You did it again. No wonder you teach gym.

Mr. Meaner: Yep. Now get to it! Yep, yep, yep, yep. I'm refilling my drink.

Harold: This... [grunts] not going to be easy.

George: Harold, we don't have to move it. It's already right where it started.

Harold: Right where it started? Oh! Oh, oh, yeah. [laughs] In that case, good job.

Narrator: In that case, George and Harold did what they always do when they found a loophole or skirted some responsibility-- they made a comic book.

[A montage of them making the comic book.]


Comic book Narrator 1: Captain Underpants and the Frenzied Farts of Flabby Flab-ulous!

Comic book Narrator 2: Once there was this skinny guy named Flabby. But he had a huge but. And he loved it. It was like his bestest friend. "I'm taking you for a walk!" But he thought people with small butts were dumb and missing out. "We're having lots of fun Flabby." "No, you're missing out and dumb." Even though Flabby was happy with his big butt, people made fun of him, and they called him "Flabby Flabulous". He liked that name and got T-shirts made, but nobody bought 'em. That made him really mad, so he went around town, and he crushed all the T-shirt stores. Then he crushed Captain Underpants' favourite underwear store, and who was in it? Captain Underpants! "You can't crush buildings! And especially underwear stores!" and Flabby said "Yes I can! Because I am!" "Well, stop, Flabby Flabulous!" Captain underpants tried to fight him, but he couldn't get past Flabby's big butt. "I know what to do! I will give him a wedgie power." Captain Underpants pulled a extra pair of underwear from his utility waistband. "They are too small!" So he looked for something bigger to give him a wedgie. Luckily, there was an underwear factory, and their flagpole had a huge pair of underwear. Captain Underpants was about to grab the underwear, when Flabby made a big fart! Captain Underpants flew back to try again, but flabby blasted him right through the panels of the comic book! Flabby didn't see him enter the next page, got surprised, and Captain Underpants got Flabby stuck in a huge smokestack on a factory. Flabby couldn't stop his fart, and finally, KABOOM! He launched into space and flew all the way to Uranus, where the aliens there loved big butts and his was the biggest. He was like a god [Chuckles] and so he stayed. The end.

[End of comic]

[George and Harold both laughing]

Harold: So good!

George: Lets go make copies.

Narrator: But as George and Harold exited the gym, Mr. Meaner came back with his leaky soup pot of soda.

[Scene cuts to old man swinging on his chair]

Old man: Kids, don't drink soda from a leaky soup pot.

[Scene cuts back to the gym]

[Mr. Meaner burps and George and Harold crash into him]

Mr. Meaner: AH!

[His leaky soup pot lands on his head]

Mr. Meaner: Gah!! YOU. MADE. ME. SPILL. MY. DRINK! Can't even--

Harold: -We didn't mean to!

Mr. Meaner: Report to the yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Principals office!

George: But we-

Mr. Meaner: NOW!!!!!

[Pages of the comic fall everywhere as Mr. Meaner grabs one]

Mr. Meaner: Huh? 'Captain Underpants and the Frenzied Farts of Flabby Flabulous'?

[Mr. Meaner laughs]

[Dramatic music plays as Mr. Meaner realises Flabby Flabulous is based off of him]

[Mr. Meaner gasps]

Narrator: You know those people who can't take a joke?

[Mr. Meaner growls angrily]

Narrator: So do we.

Chapter 3: Mad, Madder, Maddest[]

[Scene cuts to George, Harold, and Mr. Krupp in the principals office]

Mr. Krupp: So, in my office two times in one day. Thats--

George: Average?

Mr. Krupp: Fantastic! If you hit 500 visits in one school year, I can send you to a work farm where you milk goats!

[Goat bleats]

[Mr. Krupp proceeds to stuff goat milk down his mouth]

[Mr. Krupp burps]

Mr. Krupp: Now what do you have to say!?

George: Um, that was gross?

Mr. Krupp: THATS ENOUGH OUT OF YOU! Just like in a court of law, you're guilty until proven innocent.

Harold: Um, I think its actually the other way--

Mr. Krupp: NO THINKING! This is school! Now, without passing P. E., indefinite Saturday detentions!

George: Please!

Harold: No!

George: Can't we do something else?

Mr. Krupp: Sure, you could do a lap... Around the earth!

[Mr. Krupp laughs]

Mr. Krupp: And bring me a flag from every country!

[He laughs more]

Harold: Thats 29,000 miles!

George: And 196 flags!

Mr. Krupp: Stop pretending you've learned things here, do you wanna be in more trouble?!

[Mr. Meaner bursts into the room]

Mr. Meaner: You two are in more trouble! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

Mr. Krupp: Protocol, Mr. Meaner.

Mr. Meaner: Oh, right, ok, sorry.

[Mr. Meaner exists the room]

Ms. Anthrope: Mr. Meaner is here to see you.

Mr. Krupp: Send him in.

[Mr. Meaner bursts into the room]

Mr. Meaner: You two are in more trouble! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

Mr. Krupp: What!?

Mr. Meaner: This comic of yours is making fun of me! I am MAD! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Mr. Krupp: Hey hey hey! I'm the one getting mad!

Mr. Meaner: Oh yeah!? Look how mad I am!

[Mr. Meaner slams his hat of the ground and starts jumping on it]

Mr. Krupp: Well look how mad I am!

[Mr Krupp starts shaking a cabinet]

[Mr. Meaner and Mr. Krupp have a battle between whose more mad, taking turns stomping on hats and shaking cabinets]

[Meanwhile, George and Harold leave during the commotion]

Chapter 4: A New Hope - But Not for long[]

[George and Harold sneak out of the secretary's office]

George: We can't run around the earth! How are we gonna pass P. E.!?

Jessica: Get better har!

George: We gotta pass that strength test.

Harold: Hey, look!

[Scene pans to Melvin trying to enter the bathroom, but accidentally ripping off the door and trying to place it back, leaving the Pumpitupinater 2000 up for grabs]

George and Harold: The Pumpitupinater!

Harold: What if we use that on us!?

[Scene shows the Pumpitupinater 2000 glowing, as a glorious tune plays in the background]

George: Lets turn it all the way up! More is always better.

Harold: So good.

[Harold turns the Pumitupinater 2000 to the 'Mistake plot point' setting]

Narrator: Meanwhile, this was still happening.

[Scene cuts to Mr. Krupp and Mr. Meaner battling over whose madder, with Mr. Meaner stomping on his hat and Mr. Krupp shaking a cabinet]

[Both are yelling until the cabinet opens and falls on Mr. Krupp, trapping him]

[This causes Mr. Meaner to trip backwoods, his head lands on a chair and he rolls away upside-down]

George: Its ready! Huh?

[Mr. Meaner rolls down the hallway]

George and Harold: AH!

[Mr. Meaner's butt lands on the Pumpitupinater 2000]

[The machine whirrs and beeps]

[Kettle screams]

Mr. Meaner: I'm gonna get you two! Wha- Wha-

[Mr. Meaner screams as he crash lands into a shelf of trophies]

George: Mr.-

Harold: -Meaner?

[Smoke clears, revealing Flabby Flabulous]

George and Harold: Woah.

[Both laugh]

George: He's got a huge butt.

Harold: A really huge butt!

Mr. Meaner: What?

[His butt grown even larger]

George and Harold: Woah...

[Both laugh]

George: A really, really huge butt!!

[Flabby Flabulous struggles a bit]

Flabby Flabulous: Woah? Oh. You did this, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!

Harold: He's turned into Flabby Flabulous! How does this happen to us?

George: Don't overthink it.

Flabby Flabulous: I'm getting you. I'm coming after you.

George: This won't help us pass P. E., but I think we should-

Harold: -RUN!!!

[Scene cuts to George, Harold, and Flabby Flabulous running around as puppets through different doors]

[Scene cuts to George and Harold back as cartoons, running out the school and hiding behind the sign]

George and Harold: AHHHHH!!!!!

[Scene paces to multiple parts of the school, with lots of random noises]

Flabby Flabulous: Where are you? You can't hide from me. I'm gonna get you. We have a music room? Oh. Sorry.

Harold: This is terrible!

George: I know! Luckily sound effects aren't that effective.

[Flabby Flabulous bursts out of the school]

Harold: So you think he'll find us?

[Flabby Flabulous turns to face them]

Flabby Flabulous: There you are!

[George and Harold scream]

[Flabby Flabulous chase George and Harold while laughing manically]

[Flabby Flabulous crushes a kid and his mother with ice-cream, and a cat]

Harold: Why does he have that scary laugh!?

George: He's a gym teacher! Incoming!!

Chapter 5: Things Fall Afart (.....Apart)[]

Narrator: As George and Harold continues to fun from Flabby Flabulous, it became more and more obvious they needed something special.

George: We need something special.

Narrator: And that special thing was...

Harold: An ice-cream flavour named after us!

George: Yes! And...

George and Harold: Captain Underpants!

George: C'mon, we gotta go find Mr. Krupp!

Narrator: In case you missed it at the beginning of the show, Mr. Krupp is Captain Underpants. It was all in the theme song, which, well, we'll just play it for you real quick--

Narrator: Mr. Krupp plus finger snap equals Captain Underpants!

[George and Harold walk into the school]

[Jessica crying]

George: Hold on, someones crying.

Erica: All you're hearing is the sound of Hair Despair. ...Or should I say, 'Har Dispar'.

Harold: Jessica? Are you, uh, uh... Are you ok?

Jessica: I don't know! [She gasps franticly] How's my har?

[Her hair glows and a choir sings]

George: Uh, maybe theres one little hair sticking out over...

Jessica: WHAT? No. No, no, no, no!!!

[George and Harold look at each other confused]

[Scene cuts to George and Harold walking into the principals office]

Harold: ...Mr. Krupp?

George: Mr. Krupp?

Harold: He's not here!

Narrator: Mr. Krupp actually was there, of course, trapped inside the big metal cabinet that he'd been shaking to prove how angry we was.

Flabby Flabulous: George! Harold! Prepare to be Flabbified!!

Harold: At least Flabby Flabulous doesn't know where we-

Flabby Flabulous: There you are!

[Harold gasps]

George: Drat! [He snaps his fingers]

[George and Harold begin to run but sop when they hear Captain Underpants banging from inside the metal cabinet]

George and Harold: Hmm?

Captain underpants, Muffled: Tra-la-la!

[He punches through the cabinet]

Captain Underpants: Uh! Hah! Hoh! Hah! Yah! Tra-la-la!

George and Harold: Captain Underpants!

Captain Underpants Tra-la- [He trips] Oof! [He gets back up] LAAAAAAAAAA!

George: We need your help!

Captain Underpants: With what?

Harold: With that! [He points to Flabby Flabulous, who is behind him]

Flabby Flabulous: Prepare to be Flabby caked!

Captain Underpants: Woah!

[Glass breaks, as the entire principals office is now ruined]

Harold: Woah... Wheres Captain Underpants?!

Captain underpants from under Flabby's butt: Tra-la-laa! [He punches Flabby into the sky] In the name of all that is preshrunk and cottony!

George: Lets get out of here!

Harold: [Grunts] My leg! I'm trapped!

[Flabby Flabulous cackles]

George: Well get un-trapped! Those cheeks are closing fast!!

[Flabby cackles more as the boys scream]

[Captain Underpants punches him away]

[A stand by screen with Captain Underpants interrupts the episode]

Narrator: We interrupt the program with this warning. The following scenes are so violent and naughty, you are not allowed to see them.

[The scene shows George and Harold with hardhats running away from an explosion]

Narrator: We interrupt this interruption to inform you that the violence will now be presented in Flip-O-Rama for your safety.

Narrator: Punching cheek to cheek. Great big bummer. Tushy tootsie tickle. And...

[Captain Underpants screams]

Narrator: Having taken a big hit from Flabby Flabulous, Captain Underpants realised he had to dig deeper. So he reached into his utility waistband and produced...

Captain Underpants, struggling to find what he is looking for: Where is it?

Narrator: ...and produced...

Captain Underpants, still struggling to find what he is looking for: Oh...

Narrator: ...and produced...

Captain Underpants pulling out a spare set of underpants from his utility waistband: Wedgie power! Aha!

Harold: This is a lot like the comic.

George: We're good that way.

Captain Underpants: I must summon my wedgie power to defeat this villain! ...Uh-oh, too small!

Flabby Flabulous: You'll never give me a wedgie, loser! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

[A long montage of Captain Underpants stretching the underpants]

Captain Underpants: Try this on!

Flabby Flabulous: No, you try this on! [Inhales]

Narrator: At this point, you may wish to turn down the smell on your television.

[Flabby farts a big fart]

[Captain underpants groans]

[Flabby farts again, the fart going directly in Captain Underpants' nostrils]

George and Harold: Oh... [They both grab gas masks]

[More Flabby farts and Captain Underpants struggling]

Captain Underpants: Ugh.... I... Don't... Know if I can do this!

George: Wait! What if you taunt him like crazy and he makes a blast so hard that sends you all the way around the earth, and while he's still looking backward to see where you went, you come flying around from the other side of the planet and knock him out!?

Harold: Like this! [It zooms in on his drawing of Georges description]

Chapter six: To Make a Looooooooooooooong Story Short[]

Narrator: It worked.

George: Wait, we don't get to see that?

Harold: No, we're almost out of show!

George: Aw, man!

Narrator: Well alright.

[Western music plays]

[Flabby Flabulous cackles]

Captain Underpants: Hey, Flabby! Give me your best shot!

Narrator: Which he did, with a sound so offensive, we can't let you hear it. ...Well, alright!

[Fart sound plays]

Narrator: It looked like this.

[Scene shows Captain Underpants screaming as he circles the earth, his face getting slammed into flags, making them come off and stick to his face]

[George and Harold scream]

[Captain Underpants bounces off of Flabby's butt and is sent into the sky screaming]

George: Flabby's knocked out!

Harold: So is Captain Underpants!

[Captain Underpants snores]

George: If he doesn't wake up, he won't be able to fly!

Harold: Can we catch him?!

George: We're not strong enough for that!

Harold: Can we-- Uhh, get out the way?

George: Wait. What. About. Melvin!?

Harold: Melvin! He's got those huge muscles!

George and Harold: Melvin!

George: Look, theres Melvin!

George and Harold: Melvin!

George: We need you to-

Harold: -What happened to your arms!?

George: Yeah, the Pumpitupinater?

Melvin: The effects of the Pumpitupinater are temporary. It wears off. I don't want those dumb arms all the time. Its too hard to make my bed!

George: Yeah.... Great reason.

Harold: [Gasps] He's falling!

George: We need to use this! We need strength!

Harold: Massive strength! We need to catch, um, something!

Melvin: No, period, way, period.

Harold: C'mon, Melvin, it's a muscle emergency!

Melvin: Nope, not gonna happen.

[All struggling]


Jessica: My har. My harm my har, my ha-

[The Pumitupinater falls on Jessica]

Jessica: [Screams]

[George, Harold and Melvin gasp]

Narrator: Suddenly, Jessica Gordon, whose hair had never done anything for anyone except Jessica Gordon...

Jessica: Wha--?

Narrator: Became a major player in this story, as her now gigantic locks, could provide a soft, strong landing for Captain Underpants.

[Captain Underpants lands on Jessicas hair]

George and Harold: Hooray!

[Captain underpants bounces back]

Narrator: ...Except they didn't.

George and Harold: Aw, man!

Jessica: Sophie one! ...and Other Sophie, ugh. Look at my har!!

Harold: Jessica, come back! He's got no place to land!

George: The birdbath! Come on!

[Captain Underpants lands next to the birdbath, the boys drop the birdbath and the water lands on his head]

Narrator: And, of course, water turns Captain Underpants back into Mr. Krupp.

Mr. Krupp: [Groans] What? What's- Wait. Aren't you two supposed to be running? [Pause] Where are my clothes..? WHERE ARE MY CLOTHES!?!?!?

George: Here, Mr. Krupp, you can wrap yourself in these.

Harold: The flags you wanted! All 196.

George: From a lap around the world.

Mr. Krupp: What? You got the flags? You-- WHERE ARE MY CLOTHES!?

Narrator: And although they didn't say it wasn't them that went around the world, he did accept the flags, and he grudgingly gave them their P. E. credits.

Harold: Wait, what about Mr. Meaner?

[Flabby Flabulous cackles some more]

Flabby Flabulous: You're about to perish in a Flabalanche! [More cackling]

George: Isn't that effect supposed to wear off!?

Harold: Yeah!!?

Narrator: Which is exactly what happened.

[Air hissing]

Mr. Meaner: Oh...

Mr. Krupp: [Groans]

[George and Harold laugh]

Mr. Meaner: Uh.... C- C'mon, boys, I mean, lets be reasonable here. I mean, please..? You can have your P. E. Credits if you don't take a picture!

George: We already got out credits.

[Harold takes a picture of them]

[The scene shifts to the picture now being a poster with the title 'Teamwork']

Harold: Teamwork. You think they'll mind?

George: Its a positive message!

Jessica: Hey guys! Now that I have the worlds best har, [Giggles], can I use this dryer thingy again?

George and Harold: NOOOOOO-!

[Both scream as the credits start rolling]