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The Harold 2000 was a robot that Wedgie Woman built. He was destroyed by Captain Underpants, along with Robo-George.


Captain Underpants and the Wrath of the Wicked Wedgie Woman[]

The Harold 2000 was created by the evil Wedgie Woman to resemble Harold Hutchins, along with Robo-George, who resembles George Beard. He is specially designed to expand into a killer robot when he hears the words "Tra-La-Laaaa!" (Captain Underpants' battle cry).

His upper torso expands, shooting out a hand holding a giant can of spray starch, which makes underwear stiff and hard. After the Harold 2000 kicks a kickball into outer space, Benjamin Krupp turns himself into Captain Underpants, prompting the robots to fly after him. Melvin Sneedly tattles on him and Robo-George. Robo-George and The Harold 2000 spray Captain Underpants, but he soon regains his confidence with spray starch and destroys the two giant robots.

However, long after he was destroyed, his actions unknowingly reactivated the Turbo Toilet 2000. During the kickball game, the ball that the Harold 2000 kicked flew straight to Uranus, decapitating the the Incredible Robo-Plunger and allowing Extra Strength Super Power Juice to fall into the Turbo Toilet 2000's mouth, resurrecting him leading to the events of the 11th book.

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie[]

The Harold 2000 makes a brief cameo in the end credits.

Known Powers[]

  • A Giant Jetpack
  • Spray-Starch
  • Rocket-Arms
  • Super-Strength
  • A Sense-Of-Humor


  • The Harold 2000 is the second villain to kill a heroic character albeit posthumously.