The Harold 2000 is a robot that Wedgie Woman built.  He was destroyed by Captain Underpants, along with Robo-George.

Book 5

Wedgie Woman's hair uncoils itself, taking apart her TeleVision, Computer, A Thighmaster, Dish-Washer, the


Toaster-Oven, & her Ronco Food De-Hydrator.  George & Harold watched intently as Wedgie Woman & her Hair-Arms, assemble thousands of Assorted Screws, Bolts, Wires, Gears, Cathode-Tubes, Computer-Chips, & Metal-Plates.  Soon, the two small robots began to take shape.  Later the next day, Everything was back to normal.

Known Powers

A Giant-JetPack, Spray-Starch, Rocket-Arms, Super-Strength, & A Sense-Of-Humor.

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