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Wedgie Magee is a character that appears in The Curse of Wedgie Magee (A True Story), a comic book made by George Beard and Harold Hutchins in kindergarten. He only appears in Captain Underpants and the Terrifying Re-Turn of Tippy Tinkletrousers.

The Curse Of Wedgie Magee[]

The comic starts with this kindergartner named Wedgie Magee who always got picked on by the bunch of bullies. The bullies also gave him wedgies and stole his money. One day, he couldn't take it anymore, so he went to see a Gypsy Lady. Wedgie said that he gets wedgies all the time, and she said that he is going to give him a special Potion that will help him. She was supposed to give him the Anti-Wedgie Potion, but when she forgot her glasses, she gives him a Voodoo Ghost Potion instead. She gave Wedgie the instruction that when the bullies come by to give him a wedgie, he has to pour the potion onto his pants. The next day the bullies came by to gave him a wedgie, and he poured it onto his pants. The pants disappeared and it became a ghost. Nobody was scared and they are laughing in hysterics. Then he died of embarrassment. On that very night when Wedgie Magee died, his pants came back for revenge. He ate the first bully on his way home from school, ate up the second bully while he was eating dinner, and ate up the third bully when he was in bed. After that, his pants are laid to rest, but he will be back to people who are mean to Kindergartners. At the back of the comic book, there is a bonus section page explaining to the reader or Kipper and his friends the ways he could get cursed and how to undo it.

Here are the reasons:

  1. You start acting all weird and stuff
  2. You want to play with dolls, dresses, and bracelets.
  3. You get ectoplasm and spiders on your stuff.
  4. Awesome food like pizza tastes all hot and burns your mouth and stuff.
  5. Your armpits get all burned and stuff.

The only way to undo this curse is must undo all the bad stuff you did and never pick on nobody ever again.

Unfortunately, Tippy travels back in time to confuse the bullies. It then goes back to when Kipper and his friends were running out of the school. At this point, Tippy and his Robo-pants appear. Due to Tippy's dialogue with, Kipper and his friends while it was still dark, they mistakenly thought that it's the haunted pants of Wedgie Magee and become insane. Tippy then travels four years into the future when George and Harold were about to be arrested in Book 8. Unbeknownst to Tippy, his actions led to Kipper and his friends being sent to a mental health institute and the police to immediately suspect Mr. Krupp for what happened to the sixth graders (in both the original and changed timeline, Mr. Krupp was unintentionally beaten up by his own nephew, and his friends while escaping from the school due to a blackout). The Cops show up and blame Mr. Krupp. This eventually led to Mr. Krupp being fired which means in a few years he would not be hypnotized by the 3D Hypno Ring into becoming Captain Underpants allowing the villains from the first three books to take over without interference.