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The Horrible Hostilities of the Homework Hydra is the third episode season one, and the third overall episode of The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants.


To get out of an epic assignment, George and Harold go back in time to the moment homework was invented to try to stop it before it starts. But they realized that not only did they get rid of homework, they also got rid of comics.


The episode starts with George and Harold running away from Homework Hydra, but the narrator says that if they wanna know this story, they have to know this story. The intro then commences.

Chapter 1: Homeworkin' Man Blues[]

It's the end of another day at Jerome Horwitz, and the students are reading the latest Captain Underpants comic book instead of listening to Ms. Ribble's senseless yammering... everyone but George, Harold and Melvin. Melvin is worried that there's only one minute left before Ms. Ribble assigns them homework, while George and Harold are determined that they don't get homework so they can work on their new comic all night. However, as the last possible second comes, Melvin shouts to Ms. Ribble that she forgot to assign homework.

Ms. Ribble happily announces that their assignment is to do a 10,000 word report on fun, and why it's bad. But before she could say that it's due tomorrow, she is interuptted by a laser pointer, which as the narrator replies, that all teachers are unable to resist the lure of a red laser dot like cats. She chases the laser out the window and yells that it's due tomorrow.

Chapter 2: How Cheat It Is[]

At the treehouse, George and Harold are frustrated over their assignment, but George gets an idea & decide to do their assignment on Iffypedia, the website that anyone can add to. However, despite the website's help, they were still roughly 2,000 words short. To finish, George signed his paper with a very long made-up middle name, while Harold slammed his face and got a brain fart.

Chapter 3: H is for Horrendous[]

The next morning, George and Harold see that Ms. Ribble's grading their papers. However, when she gives George and Harold their reports, they got H's, which stand for "horrendous". George got a H due to his paper being 2,011 middle names long (to add to the 7,989 he typed before), while Harold's is just full of confetti, as a dog ate it. Ms. Ribble thinks the boys are talking back to her, and she promptly sends them to Mr. Krupp, who writes a new rule in the notebook: "Having hopes and dreams", and Mr. Krupp is excited, as this office visit puts them one office closer to being expelled. However, he is immediately distracted by a red light, just like Ms. Ribble, but after seeing George with the laser, he snatches it from him, and decides to triple their homework: 30,000 words on doorknobs.

George & Harold walk out of the school, struggling to carry their stacks of homework. However, when he hears Melvin deciding to stop wedgies from being invented by using his Time Toad 2000, George explains this to who he thinks is Harold, but it turns out that he was talking to Gooch, & explains this to the real Harold.

Chapter 4: Melvin Impossible[]

George and Harold decide to go to Melvin's house to steal his Time Toad 2000 with the old "Your refrigerator is running" prank call. Once they get inside, they find the room with the Time Toad inside and get in, time travelling back to the Egyptian times. When they get inside the pyramid school, they see that Melvinites was the one who caused the creation of homework. To stop it from happening, George and Harold go back a few minutes to trap Melvinites in the sarcophagus, and head to the Time Toad to see if their victory of stopping homework from being invented worked.

Chapter 5: But Did It Homework?[]

The duo travels back to the present day, where they see that the kids are much happier. They are additionally in shock when they see that Melvin, due to the fact that homework hasn't been invented, has become a cool teenage-like dude. They then see that homework really hasn't been invented & go sandboarding with Melvin in sand dunes. George & Harold decide to make a new comic to tell the people of their heroism. However, when they go to give all of the comics for everyone to read, it turns out that not only did they get rid of homework, but they also got rid of comics. This horrifies George and Harold, and they faint. George and Harold retreat to their treehouse.

George and Harold are freaked out that their comics don't exist anymore, and unfortunately to them, George and Harold can only bring back comics if they bring back homework. However, they weren't alone in their misery; it turned out that the more happier the kids were, the more depressed the Teachers were; majorly Mr. Krupp. However, Ms. Ribble finds a copy of the comic, and discovers the word homework, she is shocked by this, and gets an evil idea.

Chapter 6: Five Heads Are Badder Than One[]

Soon enough, after Ms. Ribble explains homework to the other teachers, they were drooling at the idea of homework. However, their combined weight while stomping gleefully causes them to fall through the floor, crash upon Ms. Anthrope, and her copier machine, and into a vat of cement. Soon, all five teaches fuse with the copier, shown off-screen. Meanwhile, George and Harold are worried about bringing back homework if they want to bring back comics. However, they hear a monster's rampage at the school, and make it there, realizing that it's Homework Hydra from their comic. They decide to go get Captain Underpants, while they tell Melvin to stay at the schoolyard and survive.

Chapters 7-8 (combined due to the short plot of Chapter 7)[]

George and Harold get to Krupp's office, but find out that because their Captain Underpants comics don't exist, Captain Underpants doesn't exist. They then decide to go through Captain Underpants' origin story.

After getting a 3-D Hypno-Ring and Extra Strength Super Power Juice, Mr. Krupp was once again Captain Underpants, who is warned about the Homework Hydra. Captain Underpants then goes after it, but the violence is shown in Workbook-O-Rama. After failing, Captain Underpants tries to use wedgie power, but fails. The Hydra gets the upper hand, and Ms. Anthrope tosses Captain Underpants into Mr Meaner, who's face is a butt, causing the captain to get trapped in between. Eventually, George and Harold get an idea and make a teachers' lounge, but the hydra just smashes it. Then, Melvin shows up, revealing himself to be camoflauged with fake homework.

Soon, as Melvin shoots a red laser, George and Harold find out that teachers love red laser dots as much as homework, and plan to get a bunch of paper so they can pull it apart. Luckily, Melvin has a lot of lasers.

George, Harold and Melvin go distract the Hydra with lasers and point them at the middle of the hydra, the hydra goes to get all lasers, and it blows up with toner, separating the teachers and the copier machine. However, Melvin decides to clean up the toner, but in his foolishness, he accidentally sprays George, Harold and Captain Underpants, who turns back into Mr. Krupp.

Chapter 9: Homework Is Where The Heartburn Is[]

With the threat defeated, George and Harold are glared at by the classmates, as they were the ones who caused homework to happen. George and Harold then give homework to Melvin. However, with the return of homework meant the return of intelligent Melvin.

Back at the treehouse, George and Harold talk about how they're the jerks who caused homework but are also the ones who saved comics. They happily high-five and we get a shot of "The Heroes That Saved Comics!", and the episode ends.


  • Iffypedia is an obvious parody of Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, which has come under fire for the questionable reliability of its articles.
  • Unlike previous time-traveling devices built by Melvin, the Time Toad functions like a portal.
  • This is the only season 1 episode where Miss Ribble speaks.
  • Moral: Be careful what you wish for. This is the first episode with a moral.
  • If Melvinites is still trapped in the sarcophagus, Melvin would cease to exist, as the Pharaoh is never shown freeing Melvinites from the sarcophagus.  However, it is possible that Melvinities somehow got out on his own.