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"The Preposterous Plight of Captain Blunderpants" is a comic written by Evil Tree House Comics, LLC. It was written by Evil Harold Hutchins and illustrated by Evil George Beard. It is also the eighth chapter in Captain Underpants and the Preposterous Plight of the Purple Potty People.



Once upon a time, there lived two evil children named George and Harold, who were both bad. They had a very nice principal who went by the name of Mr. Krupp and always told them to have a pleasant day. One day, Evil George and Evil Harold used the 3D-Hypno Ring to hypnotize Mr. Krupp into obeying their commands. They made him think he was an evil villain called Captain Blunderpants (the evil counterpart of Captain Underpants). They make him steal many things for them, including a video game system, a big-screen television, and a box of tissues.

Soon, the two best friends have the coolest tree house in the world. Captain Blunderpants asks them if they need anything else, and Evil George requests a pizza. Captain Blunderpants obeys, and crashes out of the window of a pizza place. Unfortunately, he is stopped by a police officer, who tells him that he has gone too far and tries to place him under arrest for "grand-theft-pizza". The captain runs away, and the chase is on. The cop chases him into the freeway, when suddenly, two trucks carrying rich chocolate milk and creamy peanut butter crash into Captain Blunderpants, creating a sizzling mess. The strange mixture of chocolate, peanut butter, and extra cheese combined to create a powerful chemical reaction that gave Captain Blunderpants incredible super powers. He flies out of the flames back to the tree house, and gives Evil George and Evil Harold their pizza, and Evil George asks for pineapple, so CB steals a pineapple from a fruit store.

While Captain Blunderpants is using a knife to slice the pineapple onto the pizza, Evil George and Evil Harold discuss all the evil things they could do, announcing that with Captain Blunderpants as their evil, super-powered slave, they'll be able to get away with anything and plot to take over the entire world. An epilogue is also shown on the back, telling the reader that whenever Captain Blunderpants hears someone snap his or her fingers, he turns back into Mr. Krupp. Whenever Mr. Krupp gets water on his head, he turns back into Captain Blunderpants. The comic ends with a notice saying "REMEMBER THAT, NOW!" and a logo from Evil Tree House Comics, LLC.