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The Problematic Pandemonium of the Punishing Plungerina is the eighth Season 2 episode of The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants.​


A collaboration with Erica Wang leads to George and Harold making an "awesome plunger vigilante who fights for justice from the shadows," as George describes to Ms. Hurd, named Plungerina. An attempt at making Cloggernaut out of a clogged toilet and Mr. Rected to prove that Cap is superior goes downhill until she saves the day, setting the boys on a quest to find Plungerina's true identity. Trouble arises when they suspect Ms. Anthrope of being Plungerina and accidentally turn her into Clogneta. Once she merges with the returned Cloggernaut, an overpowered Plungerina now finds herself in need of help from the boys and Captain Underpants, who is stuck at the Princi-pals Convention with Melvinborg.