The “Robo-Kitty 3000,” AKA the "Supa-Mecha Kitty 3000," is a giant, robotic cat made by the evil Dr. Dilbert “Dinkle” and is operated by Petey. It only appeared in the book, Super Diaper Baby 2 The Invasion Of The Potty Snatchers. “Rip Van Tinkle” used scrap metal to build the Robo-Kitty 3000. Also, it took 24 hours to build. It was used to destroy toilets. Petey’s Robo-Kitty 3000 also was used to steel ALL of the diapers in Piqua, Ohio. Later, Petey’s Supa-Mecha Kitty 3000 was used to fight Billy and Diaper Dog.

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