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"Got a major gravy spill in the kitchen. Need your help." — Mr. Ree
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The Shadowy Syndrome of the Sinister Splotch is the sixth season 2 episode of The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants.


Just as George and Harold are preparing for Robe-i-con, horror is at their doorstep when it seems like Captain Underpants is robbing banks. Eventually, they find out an evil robe named Splotch from a previous encounter had taken over Mr. Ree's body and is framing the waistband warrior to avoid any bumps in his scheme, and he now plans on controlling all robe-wearers on earth to help in world domination.


George Beard and Harold Hutchins saw a clone of Benjamin Krupp as Captain Underpants robbing the bank on TV, so they decided to investigate if the clone is REALLY the waistband warrior. The next day, Edith Anthrope was watching a commercial for Robe-O-Con, while Krupp yelled at Melvin Sneedly and Melvinborg and demanded the latter his own office. Unfortunately, all spots didn't fit him well, so he used a bathroom stall as one. George and Harold interrogate Krupp to ask him where he was, and Krupp told them he’s was at movies watching When Pigs Fly, which he thought it was a terrible movie because there was romance instead of actual flying pigs (wait, does that make any sense?). Mr. Ree gave the Melvins Bed of Robes', so he can take control of them, as the imposter took the statue and threw it to the ground. A news reporter reported that Captain Underpants has robbed the bank, and destroyed a statue, despite that there was an imposter that may have done it, but two police officers still arrested Krupp, who was still Captain Underpants. Horrified by the hero's arrest, George and Harold have to prove that he was innocent, so they plan to do so while Captain Underpants was in court, but they found Mr. Ree as Splotch who is another evil Captain Underpants like Captain Blunderpants, the Purple Potty version of him, but the mind-controlled Melvins capture and tie up George and Harold, and with static electricity, they free the two Melvins, and they escape. They disguised as lawyers to tell the judge that Captain Underpants is innocent by making her read the comic. But, the judge was also mind-controlled by the Bed of Robes', so they free Captain Underpants and battle Splotch. When Captain Underpants makes static electricity to cling on the robes, he frees Mr. Ree, who turned out to be possesed by Splotch, and The Society of Robes put the villain in jail for trying to possess the janitor and frame the principal/Captain Underpants.