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The Soggy Salvation of the Swirling Sweatnami is the eleventh episode of The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants.


The boys travel back in time to stop Mr. Krupp from becoming a bully by stopping his mother, Bernice Krupp, from making the key moment that started it all happen. They succeed in making Young Krupp's talent show a success, only to find that their plan has boosted his proficiency and the wealth he has earned turned him into a ruthless successful child-laboring businessman. When Melvin overthrows the new chain of command and Captain Underpants is left powerless, will George and Harold be able to return everything back to normal?


George Beard and Harold Hutchins were thinking to make Benjamin Krupp a nice guy Erica Wang and her assistant Dante came by Erica tell them that most bullies life’s make them bullies George and Harold went to Krupp farm his mom Bernice Krupp told at a fourth grade talent show that he became a mean guy since that day they run to Melvin Sneedlys house for his Time Toad 2000 to make Krupp a nice guy Atfer seeing everyone fruits at him and went five minutes to do a do over Atfer they went back to the present time they see a building cell Krupp Corp they got took in by evil robots they found the Krupp to meaner business man Alternate timeline Erica Wang told them that mr Krupp turn the school to toy factory

George and Harold make a comic to tell her to help them Alternate timeline Melvin Sneedly told them he make all of it and Alternate timeline Benjamin Krupp make him his furniture he told them he make them a 3-D Hypno-Ring and he be free George and Harold hynotess Him and then him into Captain Underpants Melvin’s robots attack him and toss him into toxic waste that give super powers George and Harold escape with a sweatnami Melvin use his Factory-Tron 2000 to kill them but Captain Stretchypants to stop him the boys fix the timeline back to normal and Erica tell them that Krupp’s bron mean