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The Soggy Salvation of the Swirling Sweatnami is the eleventh episode of The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants. It is the Debut of the Melvin song


The boys travel back in time to stop Mr. Krupp from becoming a bully by stopping his mother, Bernice Krupp, from making the key moment that started it all happen. They succeed in making Young Krupp's talent show a success, only to find that their plan has boosted his proficiency, and the wealth he has earned turned him into a ruthless successful child-laboring businessman. When an Alternate Melvin overthrows the new brand of his and sends the wedgie robots into a frenzy command and Captain Underpants is left powerless, will George and Harold be able to return everything to normal and Turn Alternate Timeline, Melvin Back to normal?


George Beard and Harold Hutchins were thinking to make Benjamin Krupp a nice guy, but Erica Wang and her assistant Dante came by and Erica told them that most of the bullies' awful life make them bullies, so George and Harold went to Krupp's house, where they meet his mom, Bernice Krupp. She told them that at a fourth-grade talent show, he became a mean guy ever since he was booed by everyone. When they heard that, the boys run to Melvin Sneedly's house for his Time Toad 2000 to make Krupp a nice guy. After seeing everyone throwing fruits at him and went to the washroom and crying until few years he became the mean principal time travel with time time toad and went five minutes to undo that over, and this time, DJ George and DJ Harold helped Krupp with the talent show it worked. After they went back to the present time, they see a Factory, named Krupp Corp. They Saw the robots and hide next to a car but they wedgied them and took them inside the factory, where they found Krupp, who was a meaner businessman than a mean principal. Alternate timeline Erica Wang told them that Mr. Krupp turned the school into a toy factory in this timeline turn all the peoples sweat in the chamber

George and Harold make a comic to tell her to help them, but Alternate timeline Melvin Sneedly told them he worked for Alternate timeline Benjamin Krupp, who makes him his furniture, so he told them that he'll make them a 3-D Hypno-Ring and he'll be free. And Krupp heard Melvin talk and He was a Traitor, so George and Harold hypnotize him and turns him into Captain Underpants. Melvin’s robots attack him and toss him into toxic waste that gives him Stretch powers, and George and Harold escape with a sweatnami with the kids, using the inflatable dolphins given by Erica, And They Surf to freedom But not for long. So Melvin Transform the factory into Factory-Tron 2000 Before they can kill them, Captain Stretchypants came to stop him, and attacks the robot from the inside and broke out and Captain Stretchypants was handling the factory-tron 2000 and the boys got the chance to find the time toad

The boys found the Time Toad and travel back in time so the boys fixed the timeline back to normal and Erica tell them that Mr. Krupp was born Normal to mean, which was true. and Dante gives the pickle to Erica and Krupp was spinning the kids Outside making them Dizzy and laughing in evil. And Erica gives the 3D Hypno-Ring to George And Harold that they left it at Sneedworks.


  1. Erica's knowledge of the boys messing with space and time is possibly meant to foreshadow her future self appearing in The Taxing Trauma of the Treacherous Tattle Trials Part 2
  2. This is the first episode where Captain Underpants turns back into Mr. Krupp without getting wet. 
  3. George and Harold meet Mr. Krupp's mother, Bernice, in this episode. 
  4. Moral: You can't make people change if they don't want to.
  5. Harold angrily tells George "Rude!" after he says the line "This looks bad!".
  6. On multiple occasions, the episode cuts to a brief scene where Mr. Krupp says "That could be true" while in bed.
  7. The noise from the button that Melvin pushes is the repetitive sound from The Melvin Song which was used in season 2
  8. The robot's transformation sequence is similar to the scene where the Teachertrons fuse in The Tenuous Takedown of the Tyrannical Teachertrons. Which later got defeated by Seargent Boxers