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The Squishy Predicament of Stanley Peet's Stinky Pits is the sixth episode of The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants.


Desperate to get their dream lunch, George and Harold enlist the help of their classmate, Stanley Peet to help win an avocado growing contest and borrowing Melvin's machine that grows avocados turns out to be a problem when they accidentally combine their pit and their science teacher, Mr. Fyde to make an avocado monster named Avocadwoe, who hates anything that makes any kind of loud noise.


The episode begins with George Beard and Harold Hutchins having lunch. They do not want to eat any of the gross cafeteria food. That's when they notice a poster for Avocad-grow, where the winner gets an all-you-can-eat lunch of whatever they want if their pit grows the most.

Meanwhile, we are re-introduced to Mr. Morty Fyde. He spent six months living at the Piqua Home for The Reality Challenged but now he is doing better and is ready to teach again as long as the noise is kept down.

At school, after Mr Fyde explains the rules, Mr. Krupp reminds the students that it is Mr Fyde's first day back, and as a result his nerves are raw. Mr. Krupp yells at them to keep the noise down. As Mr. Krupp yells, Mr. Fyde lands on the floor in fear. As he gets back up, he tells Mr. Krupp not to make loud noises. Mr. Krupp yells to the kids about what Mr. Fyde said while Mr. Fyde covers his ears.

In the classroom, Mr. Fyde gets scared at every loud sound. Mr. Krupp tells the students to grow their avocado pits. George makes a comment about how Mr. Krupp has a crush on guacamole. The kids go shopping after school at Avocad-epot, the world's only shop which only sells avocados. By this point, George and Harold are determined to win the lunch jackpot because they have found the perfect pit. Their sweaty classmate Stanley Peet, isn't picky about his pits. Melvin Sneedly isn't interested in the competition because he is focused on getting accepted into his dream school, Eliteanati Academy. When a requirement to become a student is to win an avocado growing competition, he decides to participate.

Back at the tree house, George and Harold's pit isn't growing so they decide to make a comic book so that they can read to it to make it grow, but this doesn't work. Meanwhile in class, Mr. Fyde puts on earmuffs and eye blinders, only for him to trip over a stool. George and Harold come up to Melvin, who tells them that their pit is inferior. Harold points out that his pit isn't growing, only for him to tell them that it will. Mr. Krupp barges in, tears off Mr. Fyde's earmuffs and asks about when the guacamole will come, causing Mr. Fyde to leap up in shock. Mr. Krupp asks how the competition is going, only to start gushing at the thought of guacamole with the students looking at him. He rips off Mr. Fyde's eye blinders, yelling again, causing Mr. Fyde to begin panicking, and collapsing.

George and Harold notice a horrible smell coming from Stanley, which turns out to be guacamole he is growing in his armpits. They ask him if they can borrow it and sneak it into Mr. Krupp's office, only to be caught by a nanny cam. Mr. Krupp can't resist eating the spoiled guacamole, and ends up vomiting behind his desk. Edith Anthrope asks him if he called her, in which he tells her that he was puking. After she leaves, he slips on his stomach contents, gets up, and disqualifies George and Harold from the competition as punishment for their prank, much to their horror. They offer to grow an avocado tree, which he calls ridiculous and preposterous, but agrees to let them stay in the competition as long as they have it.

They begin wondering how they're going to grow it, but Stanley walks up and reveals his pits. When George and Harold get home, they shove their pit in each other's armpits, drenching it in their sweat, and causing it to grow faster, but not fast enough to get it to grow into a tree by the deadline. Meanwhile, Melvin invents a machine to help him win the competition he calls the "Piticle Accelerator 2000".

The next day, Mr. Fyde comes with a sensory deprivation tank to seal himself in. He tells the kids to behave since he won't be able to see or hear anything while inside. Stanley compliments George and Harold on their pit. George points out that their pit is bigger than Melvin's, only for Melvin to take out his invention and zap his pit, causing it to grow into a tree. One of the branches breaks the sensory deprivation tank, and Mr. Fyde starts flopping around. Another grabs Melvin, causing him to drop his invention and Harold catches it. George and Harold decide to use it for their pit. Harold cranks it as far as it will go. He aims for the pit, but Mr. Fyde gets in the way, causing Mr. Fyde to be fused with the pit, turning him into Avacadwoe, a noise hating avocado monster.

Melvin yells at George and Harold for turning it up so high but gets kicked by Avacadwoe, sending him flying to Avocad-epot. Mr. Krupp barges in, and sees Avocadwoe, who sweeps him aside, starts to grow bigger, and stomps out of the school. George and Harold turn Mr. Krupp into Captain Underpants, who tells them to explain what's going on. George says it will take some time but Captain Underpants tells him that his schedule's wide open. After George and Harold finish their story, Captain Underpants flies off. Meanwhile, Avocadwoe is going on a rampage, destroying anything that makes loud sounds with Captain Underpants saving stuff as fast as he can. Avocadwoe bumps Captain Underpants with his body. Captain Underpants avoids being pierced by Avacadwoe's toothpick legs. He flies away, only to crash into a steel post, which falls on him. Avocadwoe approaches, and Captain Underpants twirls the beam.

They fight in Paint-O-Rama. Afterwards, it comes back to Captain Underpants fighting Avocadwoe with the beam. Captain Underpants succeeds in slicing the monster's arms, only for them to regrow. Captain Underpants tries to fight Avacadwoe again, but is easily thrown aside. Avocadwoe begins kicking cars around, and George gets an idea to plug Avacadwoe's ears. Captain Underpants forms two balls of underwear and plugs Avacadwoe's ears with them. They don't work, and Avocadwoe, yells that he'll make them, & the world quiet forever. He sprouts multiple toothpicks, spinning and cutting up everything in his path, sending a car flying at the boys. Luckily, Captain Underpants rescues them, only for Avocadwoe to fire a swarm of toothpicks at the trio. Captain Underpants flies away, but toothpicks pierce his butt.

The trio decide to take cover in the woods behind the school where George decides that Avocadwoe wants it quiet & maybe he won't wreck everything if they give him a quiet place to go. Captain Underpants suggests a bowling alley, an airport, & a peaceful forest. The boys decide that the forest is perfect and come up with a plan. The trio sneak around, only for the monster to begin swatting at the boys. Luckily, Captain Underpants protects them from him, and they all begin playing random musical instruments, much to Avocadwoe's anger. They lure him to the forest where Captain Underpants continues to play annoying music, causing the monster to charge at him and fall into a dug hole. Captain Underpants covers him with dirt, and returns with Stanley who's sweat is flowing like waterfalls to water it. A tree with a face resembling Mr. Fyde's rapidly grows and begins yelling for it to be quiet only to realize it is quiet. Mr. Fyde then sighs in relief.

A drop of Stanley's sweat lands on Captain Underpants, turning him back into Mr. Krupp. He notices the tree has grown all of the avocados he could ask for. The boys win the contest, and Mr. Fyde thanks them and says that everything is far quieter now that he's an avocado tree rather than a teacher. George tells Mr. Fyde that it was their pleasure & thanks to his avocados, it's a win-win-win situation. It's a win for Mr. Krupp because he finally gets oodles of guacamole, a win for the boys because since they won the contest; they get the lunch jackpot & a massive win for Mr.Fyde because now that he lives in the forest, he can finally get all the peace & quiet an avocado tree like him could ever ask for. Harold says that he can't wait to eat food that doesn't fight back. As the episode ends, Mr. Krupp in his underpants crams lots of guacamole into his mouth & burps.



  • Mr. Fyde returning to school is likely the opposite to the film where he was fired by Krupp.
  • Moral: Don't rush into things and take your time. 
  • As of this episode, Mr. Fyde is an Avocado tree.
  • Paint-O-Rama is a nod to painter Bob Ross, who is known for being the host of the series "The Joy of Painting."