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"I didn't need those... those were just for show... *ahem*" — Mr. Krupp
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[Episode begins]

Narrator: This is George Beard and Harold Hutchins. George is the kid on the left with the tie and the flat top, Harold is the one on the right with the T-shirt and the bad haircut. Remember that now. Also, they're late for school.

Harold: What!? Oh, man!

[Theme Song plays]

George and Harold: The Strange Strife of the Smelly Socktopus!

George: Uh, Erica, what are you doing? You know we have school today, right?

Erica Wang: Not me. I got... suspended.

[George gasps]

Harold: Whoa. Why?

Erica: Y'know... stuff.

Harold: 'Stuff'?

[Fanfare as the word 'Stuff' appears on screen]

Harold: Yeah. [Chuckles] Stuff is crazy.

George: But you don't look like you're suspended. You look like you're on vacation.

Erica: I know. [Slurps out of a coconut] They lied to us. Being suspended is great! Check out this montage of stuff I've done!

[Someone sings as it plays a montage of Erica doing cool stuff]

Singer: ♪Roller coaster Tuesday!♪

♪And ice cream, ice cream, ice cream!♪

♪Wednesday hit the slopes!♪

♪With ice cream, ice cream, ice cream!♪

♪Rodeo on Thursday!♪

♪But mainly ice cream!♪

[Montage ends]

Harold: That's a lot of ice cream.

George: You did all that?

Erica: I'm suspended. I can do whatever I want.

George: Maybe we should get suspended!

Erica: [Scoffs] You do don't have what it takes to get suspended.

Harold: What? We got suspended yesterday!

[Scene cuts to George and Harold stuck on the Treehouse ladder]

George: Help! We're suspended in our rope ladder and not on purpose!

Harold: Me too!

[Scene cuts back]

Erica: No. Suspended from school.

George: Oh. Well, we'll see about that! [Takes a bit of Erica's ice cream]

[Erica squeezes the cone, causing another ice cream scoop to appear]

Harold: Seriously, where are you getting all that ice cream?

Chapter One: Suspentioning Disbelief[]

[Light music]

Robot Butler: Master George and Master Harold, your sky treehouse is now capable of space flight as you requested.

Harold: Thank you, Robot Butler.

Robot Butler: Would you like me to carry you in?

George: Do you have to ask?

[Robot Butler shrinks his arms, creating stools that George and Harold sit on]

Harold: I can't believe our suspension is almost over, George.

George: I know. We did a lot in three days. Erica was so wrong.

Harold: We had exactly what it took to get suspended.

Mr. Krupp: Did you hear me?

[George and Harold fall out of their seats, screaming, and land in Mr. Krupp's office]

Narrator: Nope, that wasn't real.

[The office counter dings]

Mr. Krupp: What do you mean you want to be suspended?

George: Well, we know you're dying to expel us...

Mr. Krupp: Go on.

Harold: So... we thought you might want to get a sneak preview by suspending us now.

Mr. Krupp: Hmm...

[The scene pans into The Krupp Brain Council]

Angry Krupp: I call this emergency session of the Krupp Brain Council to order! George and Harold want to be suspended! What say us!? Happy Krupp!?

Happy Krupp: [Laughs] Aye! A thousand times aye! [Blink blink]

Angry Krupp: [In disgust] So cheerful. Hungry Krupp?

Hungry Krupp: Aye to that! And gravy!

Angry Krupp: [Grunts angrily] You disgust me! Weepy Krupp?

Weepy Krupp: [Sobbing] Aye. I just wanna go back to bed!!

Angry Krupp: What is wrong with you?!?! Stop crying and clean up those tissues!!!!! [Groans] And I vote aye, too!! It's unanimous!

Paranoid Krupp: Uh, uh, uh-

Angry Krupp: What is it, Paranoid Krupp?!

Paranoid Krupp: Are you meeting without me again?!

Angry Krupp: No! You're being paranoid!!

Paranoid Krupp: I don't trust you! And I don't trust George and Harold!! Uh, uh, uh, uh, I vote nay!

Angry Krupp: Oh, you ruin everything!! And you are being watched!

Paranoid Krupp: AH! I knew it!!

[Scene pans back to Mr. Krupp and the boys in his office]

Mr. Krupp: I knew it.

Harold: Helloooo?

George: Should we call someone?

Mr. Krupp: My answer is nay. I mean no. No suspension.

George: No?

Mr. Krupp: No.

Harold: No?

Mr. Krupp: No!

George: No?

Mr. Krupp: NO!

George and Harold: No no no no?

Mr. Krupp: No no no no!

[George, Harold, and Mr. Krupp all say 'No' repeatedly]

Mr. Krupp: NO!

George: But why?

Mr. Krupp: Because you're up to something... So not only will I not suspend you now, I'll not suspend you forever! [Birds chirping] Those birds... Those birds are TALKING about me! STOP TALKING ABOUT ME!!!!!

[Scene cuts to George and Harold walking down the hallway]

Harold: Guess we don't have what it takes to get suspended. Who knew?

George: Erica knew. Erica was right.

[Erica comes out of a locker, causing the boys to jump]

Erica: That's because I'm always right.

Harold: Why are you here?

Erica: I'm suspended. I can go wherever I want. And this is the one place I'm not supposed to be, so...

George and Harold: Cool.

Erica: But you guys are still here because you're licked. Like this ice cream. [Licks ice cream]

George: Nah, we're just toying with you.

Harold: We are?

George: Yep. We're gonna get twice as suspended as you. Come on, Harold.

Harold: [Licks lips] Hey, [chuckles], can I get some ice cream?

Erica: Sure, if you admit you don't have what it takes to be suspended.

George: NEVER!

Chapter Two: Pranks but no Pranks.[]

Singer: ♪S-U-S-P-E-N-D♪

♪We're going on a pranking spree!♪

[George and Harold laughing]

Mr. Krupp: Nice try boys, but no suspension.

Singer: ♪S-U-S-P-E-N-D♪

♪Troubles gonna set you free♪

♪Prank it to me!♪

♪To me!♪

♪Prank it to me!♪

♪Prank it to me!♪


♪Troubles gonna set you free♪

♪Prank it to me!♪

♪To me!♪

♪Prank it to me!♪

♪You better♪

♪Prank it to-

[Mr. Krupp says something muffled underwater]

Singer: ♪S-U-S-P-E-N-D♪

Melvin Sneedly: Stop that music!! [Grunts]

Mr. Krupp, over the PA: Attention, students. In celebration of your achievements, BRING YOUR STINKY GYM SOCKS TO THE LAUNDRY ROOM NOW!!

[Scene cuts to kids blocking their noses while putting their stink socks away]

George: What does a kid have to do to get suspended around here?

Harold: Yeah. We're gonna get arrested before we get suspended.

Mr. Krupp: These gym socks are school property, Mr. Meaner. They're your responsibility, and they're filthy! You should have washed them months ago!

Mr. Meaner: What? They're yep-yep-yep-yep fine! [Sniffs a sock] [Faints] [Gets back up] See? Clean as a whistle.

Mr. Krupp: You just fainted from the smell!

Mr. Meaner: No I didn't, watch! [Sniffs a sock] [Faints] Right as rain. [Gets back up]

Mr. Krupp: You did it again.

Mr. Meaner: False.

Mr. Krupp: What? Here, I'll show you. [Sniffs a sock] [Faints] [Gets back up] See?

Mr. Meaner: See what?

Mr. Krupp: This! [Sniffs a sock] [Faints] [Gets back up]

Mr. Meaner: No problem here. [Sniffs a sock] [Faints] [Gets back up]

Mr. Krupp: Yes there is.

[Both sniff a sock] [Both faint] [Both get back up]

George: I got an idea. Let's grab the stinky socks when those two are done. How long to you think they're gonna keep this up?

Harold: Same as last week.

[Mr. Meaner and Mr. Krupp are still sniffing socks and fainting]

Chapter Three: Pulling Out all the Socks.[]

Narrator: Mr. Krupp was about to get an offer so enticing, he had zero chance of resisting.

[Cell phone vibrating]

[Mr. Krupp grunts]

[He finds his phone, and presses it, causing a beep]

'Mr. Krupp, reading:"Go outside, you won free pizza for being great, it's in 'ur' car." Oh, boy, car pizza! [He bursts out of the office] Hold my calls! There's a pizza in my car!

Miss Anthrope's computer: Ahoy, I'm Suds Latherman. Welcome to another daisy fresh episode of The Latherplan! Today we'll be treating a stubborn tar stain. Just one...

[George and Harold sneak into Mr. Krupps office with the bin of stinky socks]

[George and Harold giggle]

George: Let's call this Operation: Suspend-cation!

Harold: How about: Vaca-spension?

George: Mmm, lets hold off on the name.

[The boys start throwing socks all over Mr. Krupps office]

Harold: So smelly!

George: Yeah!

[Both boys laughing]

Harold: It's as beautiful as it is stinky...

George: Let's hide. When Krupp gets back, we'll jump out so he knows this was all us. And then we're on sus-vay-pend-ication

Harold: Come on!

[They go into a closet in the office]

[Harold turns the light on]

[Dramatic Orchestral Music]

George: It's like a toupee museum!

Harold: Look, [Laughs], toupee polish!

[George giggles]

George and Harold: Let's wig out!

[Montage of animated paper stick puppets of George and Harold wearing various wigs, all whilst laughing at the same time]

[Montage ends]

Harold: What's taking Krupp so long? These sock fumes... making me... [Gags] [Vomits in wig]

[George also vomits in a wig]

[Scene cuts to Mr. Krupp in his car]

Mr. Krupp: WHERE'D THEY PUT THAT PIZZA!? [Car airbags come up] Aah! [Groaning]

Harold: Ugh! [He sees something] Hey, air freshener! [He gets up and starts spraying it]

George: [Coughs] That's not air freshener! That's antiperspirant!

Harold: Oh. [He hops down and tosses it in his wig] I'm gonna hold onto this, it might come in handy later!

George: Hey, these might help us breath! [He holds up two fake beards]

Harold: Sweet! It's like breathing through a dog! Y'know, it's nice to have some downtime.

George: Yeah. Time to think and relax...

[Electronic warbling]

Harold: Ugh! I hate relaxing!

George: Me too! Wanna make a comic?

Harold: YES!

Chapter Four: Captain Underpants and the Smelly Socktopus (By George Beard and Harold Hutchins)[]

Comic Narrator: There was this alien sock that was so stinky, all the feet guys on his home planet, 'Footsia', were all "We're over it, sock. You're exiled and stuff." They gave Stinky Sock the big old boot! Like, an actual big old boot, kicked it into space. [Imitates the boot being kicked into space] But Stinky Space Sock landed on earth, right in the school gym's laundry basket full of stinky socks from gym class. Stinky Space Sock took one sniff and was all like, "I'm home!" 'Cuz the other socks stunk like him. He tried talking to the other socks, but they didn't talk back 'cause they were sock socks, not alive socks. But he's all, "Join me, smelly brothers and sisters, too, and become alive and stuff!" Stinky Space Sock used alien sock static cling, [Imitates static] suck all the... [Imitates static] ...other socks... [Imitates static] himself and became the colossal Smelly Socktopus! "I'm making earth into New Footsia, a planet that's cool." The kids were all, "No!", but too late, 'cause Smelly Socktopus was swinging its socks all over town-- swing, swing-- stinking up everything! It made roses smell like a old rusty van and cake taste like toe. "Not cool, Socktopus, nobody eats toe!" But Socktopus didn't care because socks hate cake, right? Who ever saw them together? Um, no, ever. Luckily, Captain Underpants soared in - "Tra-la-la! Cough! Yikes, whose grilling fartburgers? Pee-universe!" But while Captain Underpants was busy holding his nose, a sock tentacle grabbed him and squeezed as strong as its stench! But Captain Underpants was all, "Waistband wiggle!" And escaped. he led Socktopus to a mini golf course. Captain Underpants trapped the monster in a giant shoe on the last hole. Captain Underpants uses his waistband to Stretchy Slingshot the whole big giant shoe full of Socktopus back into space where it remains imprisoned in the Shoe Quadrant, Shoe Quadrant, with the other space-rejected shoes forever! We hope. Dun-dun-da! The end.

[George and Harold laughing]

George: Oh, man.

Harold: So good.

[Erica appears out of nowhere and rips the beards and wigs off George and Harold]

[George and Harold shout]

George: Erica! Stop doing that! And why are you still here?!

Erica: It's Taco Tuesday. I never miss Taco Tuesday. Ready to admit defeat?

Harold: Can we do that without doing it?

Erica: Come on, guys. Stinky socks? It's just sad. There's an easy way out of this. Repeat after me.

George: Harold, no! It's a trap!

Erica: I...

Harold: I...

Erica: ...give...

Harold: ...give...

Erica: ...up.

Harold: u- [George covers his mouth]

George: Sure, this is harder then we thought, but we don't quit, 'cause we're just that stubborn and stupid. So, if you think-- Wait. Where'd she go?

Harold: I dunno. Let's take down some tacos.

George: But how will Krupp know that we sock-bombed his office?

Harold: We'll leave a note! Grab some wigs.

[George grabs some wigs, which knocks the container of polish down, and it starts dripping]

Narrator: And at that moment, something cataclysmic happened which'll certainly effect the story. [A sock starts glowing and becomes alive] See?

[Scene cuts to George and Harold in Mr. Krupps office, in fancy wigs]

George: "We regret to inform you that the fault for the bedevilment of your place of business lies with us and us alone. We fear you have no choice but to suspend us forthwith! Warmest regards, George and Harold." Ok, read that back to me.

Harold: "Mr. Krupp, we did this, PS. It's me and George."

George: Perfect. Lets eat some tacos!

[Scene cuts to Mr. Krupp still searching his car]

Mr. Krupp: [Shouts, whimpers] There has to be pizza in here! They said there was! [Dramatically collapses on the floor] Pizza...

Chapter Five: It's a Hard Knock Spice[]

Narrator: Some taco Tuesdays are spicy. Some are more spicy than others.

[Harold changes a sign]

Harold: 'Spicy toot load today!' [Laughs]

George: Krupp's gonna find our note any second now! It might be our last Taco Tuesday for a while. Yeah. Let's go say our goodbyes.

[Scene cuts to Miss Anthrope in her office, still watching Suds Latherman]

Suds Latherman: And heres a priceless painting stained with ketchup. Let's see if we can scrub that out.

[Ominous music as a rock tentacle grabs Miss Anthrope]

[Scene cuts back to George and Harold]

George: Don't cry, guys. We're getting suspended.

[Harold cries]

George: It's ok, Harold. Saying goodbye is hard, and theres no shame in crying like a little baby.

Harold: I'm not crying. [Sniff] These tacos are so spicy, I'm sweating from my eyes.

Mr. Krupp: George Beard and Harold Hutchins, MY OFFICE NOW!

George: Goodbye, everyone!

Harold: Where'd everyone go?

George: It's Taco Tuesday.

Harold: Oh, pfft. Right, the bathroom.

[George and Harold enter Mr. Krupps office]

George: Hey, what happened to the socks?

Mr. Krupp: Socks!? I don't care about socks! I care about care pizza! This note says you did it, so WHERE IS IT!!

[Mr. Meaner screaming]

[George, Harold, and Mr. Krupp enter the gym]

Mr. Krupp: Who put a jungle in the gym?

[George and Harold gag]

George: Yeah, a jungle full of rancid, unshowered Swiss cheese.

Harold: And ancient sausage factories!

[They walk fowards]

Mr. Krupp: What the heck is that?

Harold: Well, at least we found the socks.

George: And they look like Smelly Socktopus! What are the odds?

Narrator: Have you seen our show?

[Mr. Meaner and Mr. Krupp scream]

Socktopus: Give me socks! [Grunts, roars, and runs off with Mr. Krupp]

Harold: Where's he going?

Narrator: The boys tracked him by smell.

George: Found you!

Harold: Red herring?

George: Man, that was really misleading and distracting.

Narrator: But George and Harold could still smell that something was afoot in the boiler room, and nothing good ever happens in the boiler room.

Harold: Socktopus has to be here. I think the stink's giving him evil powers!

George: Complicated sock.

Harold: No kidding.

[A drop of sweat falls on George. The two boys look up to reveal students and teachers rapped in socks and attached to the roof]

Harold: They're wrapped in socks!

George: I think we found him.

Mr. Krupp: I told you to wash those socks! Ugh! You're dripping on me!

George: Well I've seen enough. Time for Captain Underpants! [Both snap fingers]

Mr. Krupp: Pull you sweat together, Meaner.

George: He's too soaked in Meaner sweat to change into Captain Underpants!

Socktopus: Have another super spicy taco!

Mr. Meaner: Told you there's nothing wrong with these socks. They're giving us free tacos.

Socktopus: To make your stinkin' feet sweat so your socks stink! [Grunts] I hate stinkin' shoes. They're like prisons that follow you everywhere! I pack on stinky socks, I get humongous and jacked, and whammo, it's stinkin' payback time! Humans go down, and it's Sock City, baby! Now keep stinkin' eatin' and stinkin' stinkin'!

Harold: Now the socks talk?! How'd that happen?!

Lacey Bootstrap: Lacey Bootstrap here. Today on Sock Secrets, we go inside Mr. Krupps closet for a special 'sockspośe'. Turns out the third ingredient in the toupee polish that spilled on the socks is evil. Back to you, George and Harold.

George: So that's what happened. Well, to beat Socktopus, we need something to dry off Krupp, so he can turn into Captain Underpants. Something that fights sweat, AKA. perspiration.

Harold: You mean like this? [Pulls out the Antipersprant from earlier, that he put in his hair]

George: They antipersperant!

Harold: Told ya this might come in handy.

Socktopus: More sweaty tacos, people! What's that, tough guy? You say you want a stinkin' taco?

Mr. Krupp: Don't put words in my mouth. Or tacos!

Harold: Let's go!

George: Hold on. We gotta distract Socktopus first! Let's steal his tacos!

Socktopus: WHERE'S MY STINKIN' TACOS! Hey! A stinkin' taco trail!

George: That should buy us some time.

Harold: You might wanna close your mouth for this.

Mr. Krupp: For what? [Screams] [Choking] It's in my mouth! [More choking and yelling]

[Scene cuts to the Socktopus]

[Dramatic music plays as he searches the taco trail]

Socktopus: Wait a minute, someones pulling the wool over my eyes!

[Scene cuts back to George and Harold spraying a MOUNTAIN of antiperspirant on Mr. Krupp]

Mr. Krupp: [Chokes and yells] Stop! No more!

George: Here goes nothing! [Snaps fingers]

Captain Underpants: Tra-la-la! [Sniffs] Whew! Pretty gamey in here! Is it skunk season already?

Socktopus: [Grunts] Youse guys got a real stinkin' beatin' comin'!

Captain Underpants: What did I do? I just got here.

[Socktopus roars]

Chapter Six: The Incredibly Graphic Violence Chapter presented in: Foot Fight-o-rama![]

Narrator: The following fight is too violent to show you. So, we're gonna make these feet fight instead.

[Captain Underpants and Socktopus growl]

Puppet Wrester Announcer: Big Toe Brouhaha! [Bell dings] [Epic feet fighting each other] Tootsie T-Tango! [Bell dings] [Epic feet fighting each other] This little piggie goes down and stays down! [Bell dings] [Epic feet fighting each other]

[Foot Fight-o-rama sequence ends]

Socktopus: Lights out, skivies!

George: We gotta do something to help him!

Harold: Wait. Didn't Socktopus say he hate shoes?

George: Oh.

[Dramatic music]

[Socktopus roars, then grunts because shoes are being thrown at him]

Socktopus: Hey, who threw those stinkin' shoes?!

Captain Underpants: Guys. I just had the craziest dream about this huge sock thingy.

Socktopus: Go, socks!

Captain Underpants: Oh. Not a dream.

[George and Harold yelp as they are picked up and flown away by Captain Underpants]

[Socktopus grunts]

Harold: Now what?

George: Now we need a giant shoe that we can trap him in!

Harold: Yeah, and tie him up tight.

George: Captain Underpants, we need a giant shoe!

Captain Underpants: I'll go to the giant shoe store!

Harold: No good. Closed on Tuesdays.

George: Try the mini golf course!

Captain Underpants: Even better! Tra-la-laaaaa!

Socktopus: [Roars] It's stinkin' go time! Ow, what?! Oh, you better stinkin' run!

[George and Harold panting]

Socktopus: [Grunts] End of the stinkin' road!

George: That's our last shoe, buddy. Make it count.

[Harold throws the shoe, but misses]

Socktopus: [Blows raspberry] Nice stinkin' throw!

George: Back off, or this sock gets it!

Socktopus: Whoa whoa whoa whoa. Put the little baby sock down.

George: You want it? Go get it!


[Loud thud]

Harold: Where's Captain Underpants? What's taking him so long?

[Scene cuts to Captain Underpants at the Mini-Golf Course, playing Mini-Golf]

Captain Underpants: Mm, mm... [Grunts] [Ball clatters] Oh, wait, I was supposed to do something!

[Scene cuts back to George and Harold]

George: If Captain Underpants doesn't bring that giant shoe soon... we're toast.

[Captain Underpants bursts through the roof]

Captain Underpants: Did someone say, 'toast'? [He's holding a windmill]

Harold: Where's the giant shoe?!

Captain Underpants: Oh, I thought you said windmill.

George: How does that help?!

Captain Underpants: It doesn't! But I got a hole in 12 and won a whistle!

Harold: Oh, we're doomed! How are we supposed to stop Socktopus now?!

Suds Latherman: [Still a recording on Miss. Anthropes computer] Having trouble with socks? Wash them. Use soap. And scrub.

Harold: How did we not think of that? Stink makes him evil!

George: Yeah, we totally spaced out bad.

Suds Latherman: Work up a nice lather.

[Captain Underpants gets dragged away]

Captain Underpants: Wait! I want to see how it ends!