"I love Puh-hy-six!"

The Tenuous Takedown of the Tyrannical Teachertrons is the first season 2 episode of The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants.​


George and Harold have their expulsion repealed thanks to the new superintendent, Grace Wain, and they have to do everything they can to put an end to Melvin and his future self's evil reign of teacher robots called Teachertrons, but for now they're stuck with a Captain Underpants substitute made from Mr. Meaner while Mr. Krupp roughs it out in the wild.


  • The only time Captain Underpants appears in the episode is in the comic and the prologue when the heroes are being interviewed about the start of Season 2.
    • Captain Underpants spoiled the story by saying he’s not in it, which leaves the interviewer, Rap Talkwell, confused.
    • This also means this is the first episode where the original Mr. Krupp did not turn into Captain Underpants.
  • Combining robots are a staple of series such as Transformers and Voltron, which was also mentioned by George saying, "Somebody's been watching Voltron."
  • When the Teachertron 'dies' during the class lesson, the other robot performing the surgery throws his arms up and wails "nooooooooooo", which is a reference to Darth Vader mourning the death of his wife Padme in Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith
  • This is the first episode Harold and George turn Mr. Meaner into a superhero called Sergeant Boxers, replacing Captain Underpants since he's absent, this is also Sergeant Boxers' debut.
  • George and Harold are no longer expelled, thanks to the new school superintendent, Grace Wain, since this is her debut. She reveals that Jerome Horwitz Elementary isn't zoned for robot teachers.
  • Moral: You should always help when needed.
  • The narrator doesn't say George is the kid on the left with tie and the flat top, and Harold is the kid on the right with the T shirt and the bad haircut, then "remember that now." Rap Talkwell does it for him.
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