The Terrifying Perilous Misfortune of the T.P. Mummy is the fifth episode of The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants.


Having pulled off too many toilet paper (TP) operations, Mr. Krupp has the manager of the store that sells only TP ban George and Harold from the shop to put an ended to their TP streak, and stopping the boys from pulling a prank that would make them legends--TPing Jerome Horwitz Elementary School! The only way that they'll get enough toilet paper is to steal the French TP stockpile ordered for their new French teacher, (who Mr. Krupp has a crush on) Ms. Yewh. After making an insulting comic about her and clogging the toilets, the combination of 48 comics the boys made (47 of which Krupp flushed that Jerome Horwitz could use and the last one Ms. Yewh found), all 500 rolls of the French TP Krupp ordered, and the gallon jug of de-clogger the boys used to unclog the toilets after getting rid of the TP they used to attempt to become legends ends up turning the boys' new french teacher Ms. Yewh into a mummy obsessed with getting TP, and they'll need the help of both Captain Underpants and the janitor, Mr. Ree, who is a former member of T.E.R.D.S. (Toilet Eliminator of Really Dangerous Stuff).


  • If the movie is considered canon to the series, Ms. Yewh is Krupp's second love interest after Edith.
  • Moral: You can never truly fail if you never stop trying.
  • Harold and George are always calling toilet paper TP, which actually stands for toilet paper.
  • This is the first episode Captain Underpants wears glasses while reading Harold and George's comics.


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