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The Toiletastics are a team of heroes created by George and Harold.

The members are Captain Underpants, Plungerina, Sergeant Boxers, Colonel Urinal, Fartquake (George's superhero name), and The Flusher (Harold's superhero Name).


The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants[]

The idea came from Harold after Erica said that “She’d leave the work for real heroes, and that teamwork is best” after the final fight as Plungerina. Harold said ”That gave me a great idea“. Then he went on deciding who the members were.

After that they weren’t referenced or seen till the last episode of season 3. In that episode, the camp was having a talent show, and George and Harold needed to do something good to impress Cash Network, because he said that he’d buy the camp and fire Mr. Krupp. George then thought of the idea, “Let’s make a big game changing comic book event!”

The event was Captain Underpants and The Tolietastics vs Diaperado and the Poopetrators. The Poopetrators consisted of the best toilet themed villains like Poopacabra, T.P. Mummy, Clogneta, Smartsy Fartsy, and Camoflush. At first it was a scripted play with George’s and Harold’s classmates, but then Melvin Sneedly used a invention that made the monsters real. The Toiletastics was then formed and they had a big fight, in the end Toiletastics won the fight!


  • Like Plungerina, despite being mentioned in the previous season, they are brought in the next season.