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The Vexing Villainy of the Vile Vimpire is the fourth episode of The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants.


After Erica criticizes their latest comic, as payback, George and Harold make a mean comic book featuring her as the fun-draining Vimpire! However, the creature arises in the form of Jessica when Melvin Sneedly uses her as a test subject for uploading (bad) videos--which only he finds funny since his sense of humor is atrocious--into the brain of his crush, Erica!


The episode begins with George and Harold in the Treehouse laughing about " Two Butts " ( They will thinking ideas for their latest comic ) Harold says he should have three butts, and George says he should have INFINITY BUTTS! and Harold says he should have one giant butt full of dynamite! and George says he should burp out fire so he never has to light a match. George and Harold continue telling ideas and laughing, examples such as George saying "Hein-o-mite--that's his name cause he's a heinie and he's dynamite--poops a stick of dynamite and throws it at Captain Underpants and it explodes. And he crashes into uh... a tree and it explodes, sending him flying into a condor!" after many laughs, George says the comic is going to be a masterpiece. They do their new handshake, but they do it incorrectly, so they repeat it.

The next day start at school, the lunch lady gives Dressy and another girl bat wings, which annoys Dressy. George and Harold were at their lunch table, then Erica approaches. The boys ask Erica what she thinks of the comic. She starts up with some positives, Fart-mada invasion. Gripping. And when Hein-omite sacrifices himself for the good of all butt-kind, she cried. But she has a little small suggestion... Girls don't like it.

Harold asks if that's a suggestion or not. George says that the GIRLS Loved it. Followed by a scene of the girls ripping the comic and putting it in the trash. With Dressy saying "It's making me bored and angry at the same time. Is 'borngry' a word? I'm 'borngry!' " Harold says that's not good. Erica says it isn't but says a strong female character can fix that. George asks Erica about Heino-mite's girlfriend, Screamerella, but it shows a scene of Screamerella screaming in the comic. Erica said maybe, if she did something else than screaming.

Harold says she can be a layer AND a screamer, it happens! but Erica doesn't like it and rejects all of their ideas. Erica asks them she could be a dimension, which George replies with "You mean dimension unrelent? Not great!" and Harold replies with "Yeah! Plus, how do you draw that?". However, seen cuts with Melvin obsessing over with Erica. " Erica Wang, editor and chief of Jerome Hortwiz Examitor leads to pronto of the science singers, Former president of the future presidents' club, such a beautiful brain of oatmeal, almost as beautiful as mine, our brains belong together, two brains of oatmeal thinking of one! "


  • The Blisskrieg 2000 is named after the World War II German tactic blitzkrieg, which translates to "lightning war."
  • Not only does Jessica treat Other Sophie worse than Sophie One, as a villain, she calls Captain Underpants a baby, then she yells at Harold after George throws a loaf of bread at him, like in "Bread Attack."
  • This is the first time everybody hates the comic George and Harold make, as its plot degraded Erica.
  • Moral: Treat others as you wish to be treated.
  • At the end of the episode, George, Harold, and Erica collaborate together to make a hero named Plungerina, who plays a major role in "The Problematic Pandemonium of the Punishing Plungerina."
  • This is the first episode to not say a warning about incredibly graphic violence.


  • There is a scene where a boy crumbles up a copy of "Captain Underpants and the Sinister Frights of Scarica Fang," despite the fact that he's not a girl.
    • It's possible that he feels bad for Erica because he saw the comic as offensive to females.
    • Or he's a reverse tomboy.
  • In the scene where Captain Underpants cries after the Vimpire bites him, none of his tears manage to touch his face and turn him back into Mr. Krupp.
    • However, Melvin's single teardrop turns him back into Mr. Krupp towards the end of the episode.


These are the credits for this episode of The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants, with all supporting studios included. You can collapse any part you need to or hide them all if needed.

The Vexing Villainy of the Vile Vimpire
Executive Producer Peter Hastings
Supervising Producer Todd Grimes
Line Producer Peter McCown
Director Kevin Peaty
Head Writer Mark Banker
Staff Writers

Daniel Dominguez
Matt Smith

Script Coordinator Jeff D'Elia
Storyboard by

Derek Moore
Ian Young


Nat Faxon
Jay Gragnani
Ramone Hamilton

Narrator Sean Astin

Dayci Brookshire
Jorge Diaz
Peter Hastings
Evan Kishiyama
David Koechner
Erica Luttrell

Casting by

Ania O'Hare, CSA
Cymbre Walk

Voice Director Peter Hastings
Theme Song written by Peter Hastings
Theme Song produced by The Boom Clack
Score by

Jared Faber
Fred Kron

Music Supervisors

Alexandra Nickson
Frank J. Garcia

Music Coordinator Trisha Hildebrandt
Production Manager Ashley Shireen Laidlaw
Production Coordinators

Demi Chen
Amanda Goldman
Rebecca Killeen

Production Assistants

Penelope Aretos
Sue Schaller
Polyxeni Tzelepis <br

Production Intern Anna Corrales
Art Director Martin Kau
Co-Art Director Angela Song Mueller
Character Designer Ivan Mendoza
Puppet Fabricator Maria Andreotti
Alternative Animation by

Maria Andreotti
Todd Grimes
Martin Kau

DreamWorks Animation Television CG Hub[]

For CG Hub
Global Visual Effects Supervisor Mio Markovic
Production HUB Manager Kristin Risinger
Production Coordinator Zachary Joel Johnson
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Brandon Chau
Crystal LaFrance
Jordan Weitzman

Production Intern Matthew Boehling
Digital Animation Supervisor Ernest Chan
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Tyler Mele

Lead Animation Pipeline TD Christopher Bennett
Animation Pipeline TDs

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Karl "Krash" Goldshmidt
Benjamin Rhoades

Back to normal credits[]

Animatic Editor Adam Smith
Dialogue Editors

Mishelle Fordham
Kelly Iverson-Brody

Assistant Animatic Editor Collin Erker
Storyboard Revisionist Alice Houston

For Titmouse[]

Executive Producers

Chris Prynoski
Shannon Prynoski

Supervising Producer Ben Kalina

Winnie Chaffee
Kevin Gamble

Production Manager Adam Fink
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Digital Compositing Supervisor Brandon Waltman
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For DAVE Enterprises[]

DAVE Enterprises
Supervising Director Stephen Cooper
Line Producer Stuart Cunningham
Head of Production Michael Pattison
Technical Director Sean Aspinall
Production Manager Charlotte Walton
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For Boom Box Post[]

Sound Services
Supervising Sound Editor Jeff Shiffman, MPSE
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Brad Meyer

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Re-Recording Mixer Joseph DiMarco

Back to normal credits, again[]

Post Production
Supervising Picture Editor Steve Downs
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DreamWorks Animation Television Studio Management
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Final Credits
Executive in Charge of Production David Wiebe
Development Executive Benedict Cawood