This is the theme song for The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants. It is sung by Ramone Hamilton and Jay Gragnani as George and Harold, with Nat Faxon performing some vocal elements as Mr. Krupp/Captain Underpants.


George and Harold: So George and Harold make comic books.

George: We're cool.
Harold: Me too!

George and Harold: But they had A Mean Old Principal who told them what too-
Mr. Krupp: Blah Blah Blah Blah...!

George and Harold: So they got a Hypno-Ring and first they made him dance, then accidentally, kinda on purpose, turned him into Captain Underpants!
Captain Underpants: Traa-La-Laaaaaa!

George and Harold: With a snap, he's the captain, not the brightest man, and don't forget when he gets wet, you're back where you began!
Mr. Krupp: Blah Blah Blah...!

George and Harold: Put it all together, what could possibly go wrong? Now this is the end of the Captain Underpants song! By George Beard and Harold Hutchins.
Captain Underpants: Traa-La-Laaaaaa!


  • Every episode has a different dance move for Mr. Krupp when it comes to the line of "And first they made him dance!".
  • The title sequence was made with the standard animation, puppetry, and paper-mation.
  • During season 3, the show has a unique title sequence with new lyrics which can be seen here: Camp Theme Song
  • Starting in Season 4, the lyrics "not the brightest man" is replaced by "flying through the town", as "you're back where you began" is replaced by "what's causing him to drown?".
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