Tippy Tinkletrousers's Robo-Suit & Freezy-Beam 4000 are two of his inventions.


Book 9

"I'll keeeeeeel YOU!" screamed Tippy, as he pulled himself up and lunged at Captain Underpants. The Chest-Panel of the Robo-Suit flipped open, and a massive burst of ice blasted at Captain Underpants. But he was too quick.  Captain Underpants flew several blocks away, to the Swing-Set of Jerome Horwitz Elementary School. Robo-Tippy ran after him. He leaped over the school and landed in the football field. He zapped his Freezy-Beam 4000 again, this time, covering the Swing-Set with a thick coating of ice. He zapped his Freezy-Beam 4000 at his feet. Of course, Captain Underpants was long gone before the ice beam reached the ground, but Tippy, however, his Robo-Feet weren't. Tippy's Giant Robo-Feet & Robo-Legs, were now encased in a huge shimmering iceberg, Tippy was stuck. Captain Underpants started to pull on Tippy's Robo-Arms, until one by one, the rivets in the Robo-Suit's Thick, Steel Belt began to pop. Captain Underpants, yanked and pulled and tugged, until finally, the Robo-Suit tore in half with a terrible CLANK!

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