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Tubbadump is a trash monster. He only appears in "The Trashy Tale of the Tumultuous Tubbadump."


He used to be a goo monster from the Goo Dimension at the Gooey Awards (to get a gooey for lifetime goocheivement). But after Melvinborg and Melvin Sneedly created the Suck-O-Trash 2000 (An intention capable of sending all the Trash of Piqua to another dimension) and activating it, it caused all trash to land on him and stick to him, thereby creating Tubbadump.

Later on, once George Beard and Harold Hutchins give him the Golden Dumpy Award (a prize that was supposed to be given to the person who could make the most honourable tribute to Horatio Dump - the town's founder of the dump. He forgives all that wronged him and chooses to stay in the dump (supposing he considered that it's way better than Gooville - his hometown. Unfortunately, a nearby skunk activated the Suck-O-Trash 2000 which caused Tubbadump (because he was covered in garbage) to possibly go back to his own dimension.

He also makes a very minor appearance in the intro of the third season of The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants, ganging up on Captain Underpants along with other villains from the first and second seasons.