E1 The Mactic Monstrosity Of The Mean Monster E2 The Awesomely Actual Answer Of The AshMan E3 The Private Pivot Of The PeeMan E4 The Kicking Butt Of The Kungstruction Bot’s Revenge E5 The Nasally Next Nose Of The Nasally Nabulous E6 The Next Awesome Supertanker Of The N.A SuperButt E7 The Ugly Unition Of The Ugly Urinal E8 The Takeback Takedown Of The Trouser Tippy TinkleTrousers and The Super Diabolical Touch Of The Shiny Diamond Take E9 The Bouncy Bash Of The Bouncybot E10 The New Nash Of The New Worker E11 The Hyperventilating High-speed Of The Hyper Hitman E12 The Least Expected Attack Of The L.E.A E13 The Last Life Of The Liver

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