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Wally's World is a comic book created by Molly and Li'l Petey in Dog Man: Twenty Thousand Fleas Under the Sea for Petey.


One time, Wally (Petey), was in a bad mood, as usual. First, he tripped on a banana peel, then he fell down on some stairs, and lastly a bee stung his butt. Wally gets mad, so he creates his own world using wood and paint. He floats to outer space, where he enjoys his new world.

However, he starts to get hungry, so he starts planting some seeds and creates flower. However, the flowers wouldn't be able to pollinate because of bees, so he had to resort for his packed bananas. Li'l Petey says that he had thought that Wally hated bananas. Wally explains that the bananas themselves were fine, just the peels, so he had unpeeled them all.

He goes down the banana chute, remembering there wasn't any stairs. He lands in the bananas, which were all smooshed and gross, realizing they needed peels. He then realizes he needed stairs, and the flowers needed bees.

Now that Wally learned his lesson, 80-HD came to save Petey from the bottom of the chute. At the first world, Li'l Petey gives him a banana, which Petey gladly takes and throws the banana peel onto the floor. He states he would never be mad at the life of his problems, before he slips on his abandoned banana peel, making him fall down stairs and hit a tree, making a honeybee nest fall down and chase Wally, with him stating Rats!


  • Be Careful With What You Wish For
  • Be Grateful For The Things You Have


In Dog Man Book 11, the full comic was not shown, as it was not finished yet. It was later put onto Planet Pilkey prior to the book's release.