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This page is about the character from the Comics. To see other uses, go to Wedgie Woman: Disambiguation.

Wedgie Woman was originally known as Ms. Ribble.


As Mrs Ribble[]

Mrs Ribble was a horrible teacher. One day, she gave her class lots of homework. It was so much, that they had to do it at Christmas instead of opening their presents, they had to do homework. After the homework had been handed in, the pile of it was so heavy that it collapsed on Mrs Ribble, making her "really most sincerely dead".

As Wedgie Woman[]

Doctors and scientists Re-Built her, making her "Faster..Stronger...EVILLER!" She got a Robo-Claw coming out of her hair as a weapon. She became a criminal. Luckily, Captain Underpants stopped her, by going through her legs. Her Robo-Claw reached for Underwear...and grabbed the wrong pair (hers)!