Master Wong is an Chinese-American man and a martial arts teacher. So far, his only known relatives are his daughter Lan. It is unknown what became of his wife so he either got divorced or he is a widower. He first appears when Ook, Gluk and Lily hide in a trash can from Chief Goppernopper's goons. The boys then take refuge in his school, where they learn kung-fu and fall in love with Lan. Later, the boys go out and fight Chief Goppernopper's thugs and JP Goppernopper's robots. They travel back to the caveman days and fight JP's workers. Later, Ook, Gluk and Lily destroy Chief Goppernopepr's robotic reptiless called the Mechasaurs and vow to rebuild the world. JP then sends the boys a note, announcing that he and the Chief have captured Mr. Wong and Lan and if they don't give up, they will both die. The boys go back to the future and JP captures them as well. Mr. Wong tells the boys to remember their training. Ook and Gluk ask JP and the Chief who is the greatest man. They fight and JP dissolves the Chief with his laser pistol. He then ceases to exist after he realizes too late he killed his ancient great-grandfather so he and his company don't exist. The world is now free of Goppernoppers and the boys and Lily travel back to Cave Land with Lan, and Mr. Wong goes home saying he'll miss the boys, but he somehow feels a part of them is still very near.

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