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Yesterday George is the past counterpart of George Beard. He is voiced by Jaden Rogers in the eleventh and twelfth Sound-O-Rama audiobooks.


Captain Underpants and the Tyrannical Retaliation of the Turbo Toilet 2000[]

Yesterday George, along with Yesterday Harold, was created when George and Harold Hutchins travelled back in time to retake a test which they had failed. When the yesterday boys went to school, their older counterparts had ran out of food and money, and they went to the office to sell a comic. However, seeing two of the boys caused the teachers to think they were all dreaming and strip down to their underwear and getting arrested. Twelve days later, The Turbo Toilet 2000 attacked the city, and came for the Yesterday boys. When he attacked the treehouse, Crackers' eggs cracked and her children saved the boys. After putting Crackers and Sulu's children to bed, the Yesterday boys and their counterparts got prepared to face another sequel.

Captain Underpants and the Sensational Saga of Sir Stinks-A-Lot[]

George, Harold, and their past counterparts come to a compromise. George and Harold will come to school on even-numbered days, while Yesterday George and Yesterday Harold will go on odd-numbered days.

The next day after gym class, Mr. Meaner excuses all of the children except for Yesterday George and Yesterday Harold. He orders them into his office and locks the door after them. Inside his office, he sprays Yesterday George and Yesterday Harold with Rid-O-Kid 2000™ from the nozzles of his spray tanks. Yesterday George and Yesterday Harold go to their maths class and are well-behaved. Their maths teacher, Miss Calculator, is pleased with their behavior. For the rest of the day, the other teachers notice how well the boys are behaving and after school finishes, they go to all their teachers and collect extra-credit homework.

Yesterday George and Yesterday Harold return to the tree house, where George and Harold are horrified at the amount of homework they have brought home. The four of them start completing their assignments, but George and Harold keep getting distracted. They work until bedtime. While Yesterday George and Yesterday Harold complete their half of the work, George and Harold barely do any of their halves. Yesterday George suggests he and Yesterday Harold should go to school the following day while George and Harold stay up until 5:00 am completing their work.

In the end, Yesterday George and Yesterday Harold were back to normal now that Sir Stinks-A-Lot has been defeated. They wake up going back to their tree house, only to find out that Tony, Orlando, and Dawn are gone. Seeing that they feel that everything is going to be okay, Harold feels that he and George should make another Captain Underpants comic book, but George decides that he and Harold should do a comic book featuring Dog Man instead and move on without Captain Underpants Comics as well as Mr. Krupp being Captain Underpants himself. The book and series end here, and unlike all those other Captain Underpants adventures, George and Harold do not shout their titular cries of "OH, NO!" and "Here we go again!